Has Prologo developed one of the best MTB saddles with the new Scratch NDR?

Close up of the Prologo Scratch NDR MTB specific saddle
(Image credit: Prologo)

Prologo was founded in Italy with the ambition of designing and providing some of the best mountain bike saddles on the market. They aim to bring innovation, and revolutionizing riders' perceptions of saddles for all riding styles, including cross-country mountain biking, gravel riding and cyclocross racing. Prologo is also the official saddles line of the EWS and E-EWS used and designed by Team Lapierre Overvolt, Nicolas Vouilloz and Julien Absalon.

We have tested some of the Prologo mountain bike-specific saddles in the past and they have always come out highly rated, including the Prologo Akero and the Scratch M5 AGX which is one of the best gravel saddles and ridden by mega endurance athlete, and all-round legend Lachlan Morton. 

The brand has now launched two new saddles designed specifically to compete and win in XC and Marathon races. Prologo has worked closely with top collaboration with professionals of leading MTB teams already supported by Prologo, and the new Scratch NDR is the off-road evolution of the already established Scratch M5.

Prologo Scratch NDR MTB saddle

The Scratch NDR has been tested and finely tuned by pro riders (Image credit: Prologo)

Designed to climb

The Scratch NDR inherits the proven racing DNA from the Scratch family, with compact dimensions (250mm x 140mm) and a Multi-Sector System technology which means the saddle has differently mapped and separated zones. Prologo says it will work independently, adapting to all phases of pedaling and the varying positions of a rider. There are three zones in the new model, with specific features and functions for XC and Marathon. 

There are two lateral-posterior parts that Prologo says are intended to increase stability and comfort when slogging away on long climbs. To give optimal support, there is also a variable-density EVA foam cushioning which is 3mm thicker in the back section. These portions' covers are entirely smooth, which they add will make getting out of the seat simpler. 

Prologo claims to have created a new, innovative center-front section, again specially designed to tackle the steepest and most technical climbs. The brand says a large flat surface area will provide comfort and a base of support, even when it is necessary to pedal on the nose of the saddle. Maximum grip is said to be achieved with a new textured Grip Cover which also helps riders maintain a forward position on the saddle when required.

Prologo Scratch NDR MTB saddle

Scratch NDR comes in two versions (Image credit: Prologo)

Off-road specific shape 

The new Scratch NDR has been redesigned with an anatomical shape specifically designed to suit off-road disciplines, setting back the "anatomical center" by 5mm to emphasize the T-shape of the Scratch models. They say this will increase freedom of movement, allowing for a variety of position in the saddle to tackle any type of trail.

Having a saddle that fits your unique anatomical shape is crucial to comfort and measuring your sit bones is a good starting point to achieving a correct saddle fit. Prologo has also helped enhance comfort by shifting the anatomical center of the new saddle which also makes pedaling in the rearward position, typical when tackling long climbs, more comfortable and efficient. They say the weight of a rider will be shifted toward the rear of the saddle, right on the two sections with increased padding where the ischial bones rest, which in theory gives maximum comfort.

Scratch NDR saddle being ridden by a pro rider

The Scratch has a design to allow freedom of movement (Image credit: Prologo)

Closed saddle with Active Base System 

In order to provide a more coveted, flatter bearing surface in the center-front section, For the new Scratch NDR, Prologo has removed the central drain channel which is aimed to give more comfort when pedaling on the toe and offers more protection against flying dirt and mud from the rear wheel. 

The base is made of long-fiber carbon, a material that they add will provide the right compression between stiffness and vibration absorption. In the center of the base, there is the brand's Active Base System which is a hole, underneath the padding, that allows for additional pressure relief again to increase comfort while pedaling. Prologo says this design gives the advantages of a saddle with a relief channel and the benefits of a closed saddle. 

Different rails for different needs 

The Scratch saddle comes in two versions with the more performance Nack (Nano Carbon Fiber) model which is made with rails composed of carbon fiber, kevlar and aluminum filaments. Which makes this version a super stiff saddle and extremely light at just 166g.

For those looking for more comfort, the more budget-friendly of the two versions named the TiroX is made of light alloy steel, which they say gives an excellent balance between weight at a claimed 217g, and strength. This gives the saddle less stiffness but superior vibration absorption, and is the more comfortable choice.

Close up on the Prologo Scratch MTB saddle

The Nack is made with carbon fiber, kevlar and aluminum filaments and is extremely light at just 166g (Image credit: Prologo)

Pricing and availability 

The Scratch NDR will debut at the Prologo booths at upcoming international cycling events like Sea Otter Classic from April 20th-23rd, Monterey, California USA and the FSA Bike Festival April 28-May 1st, Riva del Garda, Italy. 

They are also available now at prologo.it and at Prologo dealers priced at Scratch NDR, with Nack rail version at $240 / £194 / €219, Scratch NDR, with TiroX rail at $152/  £123 / €139.

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