Hope and Lotus to collaborate

Hope and Lotus partnership
Hope and Lotus could produce some defining new mountain bike technology (Image credit: Lotus)

Hope has announced a partnership with one of the world’s most iconic engineering and design consultancies.

Lotus design, famous for its F1 racers, sportscars and advanced engineering, is set to collaborate with Hope on a range of cycling projects.

Although neither company has revealed exact detail about the scope of cooperation, or any possible product destiny, the potential of these two British brands in partnership is tremendous. According to Lotus, it will be assisting Hope in respect of lightweight engineering principles, advanced materials and aerodynamics. 

Lotus has a proven record in advanced aluminium and composite engineering, two materials which are fundamental in the mountain biking industry.

Hope specialises in the production of premium aluminium components such as wheels, hubs and pedals, and has of late, experimented with carbon-fibre, in the guise of its HB160 and HB130 mountain bike framesets.

In terms of cycling legacy, Lotus is credited with building one of the most advanced bicycles of all time, its 1992 Olympic gold medal-winning Lotus 108.

Very few companies possess the skill and experience of Lotus in terms of carbon-fibre engineering, but what might be of greater value to its mountain biking collaboration with Hope, is aluminium.

Lotus has perfected intricate aluminium bonding techniques for load-bearing structures which do not require welds. The potential of these glued aluminium structures in a mountain bike frame design or integrated stem-and-handlebar applications could be immense.

With the spectre of Brexit placing pressure on British cycling companies, they have been forced to look toward domestic supply chain security. Fortunately, for Hope, there are some outstanding composite and aluminium design companies in the United Kingdom and Lotus was keen to partner.

The Lotus car company and race team have had turbulent financial fortunes over the last three decades, yet the company has remained resolute in its adherence to engineering excellence.

This reputation for uncompromised engineering has made Lotus a deeply respected consultancy.

For followers of Hope the possibility of an advanced frameset and component range, with the benefit of design input from a name such as Lotus engineering, is hugely exciting.

Lance Branquinho
Freelance writer

Lance Branquinho is a Namibian-born journalist who graduated to mountain biking after injuries curtailed his trail running. He has a weakness for British steel hardtails, especially those which only run a single gear. As well as Bike Perfect, Lance has written for MBR.com, Off-Road.cc and Cycling News.