Hope Technology launches its new RX24 gravel wheelset – a lightweight alloy rim designed for bikepacking adventure riding

Hope Tech RX24 gravel wheelset details
A 24mm internal rim width allows the RX24 to roll on bigger tires (Image credit: Hope Technology)

Hope Tech has launched its latest gravel wheelset – the RX24. Constructed with 6069-series aluminum, they have the latest Hope Pro 5 hubs. The UK-based brand claims the RX24 features a combination of a lightweight build and durability with a budget-friendly cost ready for the best bikepacking adventures.

Hope Tech RX24 gravel wheelset details

RX24 have Hope's Pro 5 hubs that can be matched up with its new tubeless valves  (Image credit: Hope Technology)

The RX24 alloy rims weigh in at a claimed 1,780g per pair which makes them a fairly lightweight option with rivals like the Crankbrothers Synthesis Gravel alloy heavier at 1,917g, and the Hunt 4 Seasons wheelset weighing in at 1,730g.

Hope has designed its new gravel wheelset with a 24mm internal rim width which is 4mm wider than its existing 20FIVE gravel bike wheels, and also with a 23mm depth. This means they can roll a wider selection of the best gravel tires with higher volumes and up to 60mm in the 700c diameter.

Hope Tech RX24 gravel wheelset details

Hope's new gravel wheels feature a subtle RX24 logo (Image credit: Hope Technology)

Available in either standard or Boost widths, the RX24 wheels come with Black Sapim Race double-butted spokes and brass nipples which should add to the long-term durability claims of the RX24. The spoke configuration choices are either 24, 28 or 32-hole. Hope also adds the maximum rider-and-bike weight is 130kg - which means they should be dependable when riding with fully loaded bikepacking bags.

Finally, the RX24 come supplied fully taped with Hope's new tubeless tape and also fitted with its brand-new alloy tubeless valves (see below), color-matched to the Pro 5 hub if desired.

Hope tubeless valves

Hope Tech tubeless valves showing color choices and sizes

Seven color choices and either 40mm or 60mm lengths are available (Image credit: Hope Technology)

Hope's new tubeless valves are also launched alongside the RX24 wheelset and for the riders who like to match things up, they are available in Hope's usual seven anodized color choices – Red, Blue, Orange, Purple, Silver, Black and Bronze. If more color choice is your thing then the Muc-Off tubeless valves come in a huge 12 color selection and with more length options too.

The Hope valve comes in just two lengths, either 40mm or 60mm, and they weigh in at a claimed 12.8g per pair (40mm length). Our best overall in our best tubeless valves guide – the Reserve Fillmore valves weigh in at 12g in the 45mm length but are more costly.

Supplied with two different rubber seals, which Hope claims will enable an air-tight seal with any rim profile, the valves also have a 5-way air path for maximum airflow during inflation. If you're new to a tubeless tire set-up then our how to setup tubeless tires guide is worth a read.

Pricing and availability

Both the RX20 gravel wheelset and the new tubeless valves are available from the 1st of May. 

The RX20 wheels are priced at Front $TBC / £230.00 / €300.00 and Rear $TBC / £350.00 / €450.00. SP Front $TBC / £270 / €360.00 and SP Rear $TBC / £390.00 / €515.00.

The valves are priced at $31.60 / £25.00 / €30.00 with more information on all Hope Technology products available at Hopetech.com.

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