Go Green with Northwave Tailwhip Eco Evo – The ultimate sustainable MTB Flat Shoe

Details on the Northwave Tailwhip Eco Evo MTB shoe in Green
The Italian brand says the Tailwhip Eco Evo is an ecological evolution of the popular Tailwhip shoe (Image credit: Northwave)

Northwave has more than 30 years of experience providing cyclists with some of the best mountain biking shoes and technical apparel, including their Rebel 3 x Epic Series shoe, designed to handle the rigors of the Cape Epic. Northwave says they know better than most what it means to make a difference, with what they say is their constant pursuit of new technologies, new solutions, and better performance. 

However, these days the difference is different, with the biggest challenge for everyone, both in cycling and beyond, being sustainability. Northwave says they have embraced the sustainability challenge head-on, and are proud to announce a new eco-friendly, revamped version of one of the brand’s best MTB flat shoes, the new Tailwhip Eco Evo.

Details on the Northwave Tailwhip Eco Evo MTB shoe sole

Northwave say they have embraced the sustainability challenge head-on (Image credit: Northwave)

The Italian brand says the Tailwhip Eco Evo is an ecological evolution of the Northwave Tailwhip, which is the flat pedal mountain bike shoe highly coveted by freeriders and MTB flat shoe fans alike. Northwave says the approach for the new shoe was to up the performance level while reducing its environmental impact.

The Tailwhip Eco Evo is made from pre and post-consumer recycled materials. RePET is derived from recycled PET bottles, PET is polyethylene terephthalate, which has been used to package food and drink most commonly for soft drinks and sparkling water. The sole is a ReRUBBER Michelin Hybrid sole, which is made by blending post-production recycled rubber with virgin rubber. 

The Tailwhip Eco Evo was developed in collaboration with ACBC (Anything Can Be Changed), an Italian company leader in the design and production of sustainable products. A partnership they say strengthens Northwave’s increasing attention to the issues of environmental responsibility and circular economy. 

Details on the Northwave Tailwhip Eco Evo MTB shoe side on in Navy

The Tailwhip Eco Evo combines a gravity spirit with a skate look (Image credit: Northwave)

The Tailwhip Eco Evo isn’t only bio-based and eco-friendly, it has a modern-looking design that combines a gravity spirit with a skate look. The brand says they'll feel equally at home in urban environments, as well as trails, paths, and slopes. They also say alongside good looks there is a high-performing shoe made to be durable and resistant, and can meet the expectations of any rider. 

Materials are specifically designed not to compromise on performance and durability, but to further improve them. They add that the Michelin Hybrid sole will deliver impressive amounts of grip. The Michelin flat sole uses hybrid technology and is made from ReRUBBER, which blends virgin material with recycled rubber from processing waste. They say this gives greater sustainability without compromising the Tailwhip's valued grip and cushion.

Again as mentioned the rest of the Tailwhip Eco Evo is made from RePET with the upper, lining, tongue, laces, and insole all made from 100 percent RePET. The insole is made from 86 percent ReFOAM, which is a foam developed from post-production waste materials.

Side on view of the Northwave Tailwhip Eco Evo MTB shoe in Black

The upper, lining, tongue, laces and insole are all made from 100 percent RePET material (Image credit: Northwave)

Pricing and availability

The Northwave Tailwhip Eco Evo is available now and the Green Credentials of the shoes start before you even put them on, thanks to its special packaging made from recycled paper. Each shoe also has a QR Code linked to a digital identity that contains all the information and certification about the materials used in production.

The Eco Evo Tailwhip shoe is available both online and in stores in three color variants that are Deep Blue, Forest Green, and Black, and priced at $TBC / £98.99 / €109.99. Check out Northwave.com for all the details.

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