Kali's Invader is an all-day full face helmet

Kali's Invader has ample airflow management integrated into its design
Kali's Invader is a safer than a convertible full face (Image credit: Kali Protectives)

Kali Protectives is a trusted name in mountain bike helmet technology.  

The Californian brand has always innovated towards more gravity orientated riding, with a range of trail helmets offering more coverage than most.

Enduro riding has greatly influenced helmet preference and design in the last few years. Whereas the distinction between half-shell and full-face helmets was once very broad, the enduro riding discipline has created demand for helmets with full face chin bars, but superior breathability.

Suppliers have responded with a range of convertible full-face helmets. Most of these hybrid full-face enduro helmets feature a removable chin bar.

This hybrid design, although offering great adjustability and climbing comfort, can never offer the absolute structural properties of a single moulded full-face helmet.

Kali has identified a need for proper protection-rated full-face helmets, which are lighter and have excellent ventilation. Its solution is a new product offering called the Invader.

Traditional full-face helmets, with their solid surface structure, are way too hot for all-day riding. The Invader’s uni-structural design features a generous number of vents. These airflow ports are vital if you are going to market a full-face helmet as wearable for climbing, distance riding and descending.

Kali claims that this helmet is comfortable enough for long rides but also offers protection benefits that cannot be rivalled by convertible full-face options.

The Invader has a fixed chin bar which has a higher impact crash protection rating then convertible full-face helmets. Kali says that its Invader has achieved ‘motorcycle’ standard crash test numbers in testing.

Beyond is structural strength the Invader also features composite fusion construction, with cheek and upper neck pads, to dissipate energy in a crash. These pads also have an ant-microbial coating for durable hygiene.

Kali will be offering the Invader in two sizes and four colours. The smaller size weighs 640g, which is competitively light for a certified full-face helmet.

Pricing for Kali’s Invader is set at $225.

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