Video: MacAskill takes his carbon Danny bike to the gym

MacAskill's bike aerobatics are legendary
Danny MacAskill's latest edit suddenly makes gym seem a lot more fun (Image credit: Red Bull)

Danny MacAskill has started his new year in the best way possible, by releasing yet another edit of nearly unbelievable riding skill.

This latest MacAskill video is his 20th and called Gymnasium.

In it, the Isle of Skye trials riding legend offers an extreme alternative to that traditional bout of January resolution workout fervour many are captive to, by taking his custom Santa Cruz trials bike to the gym. Literally.

Although the indoor location for MacAskill’s latest video venture might appear familiar to anyone who has trained in a gym, the bike skills on display are otherworldly.

The combination of MacAskill’s superhuman riding skill, outstanding trials bike choreography and Red Bull’s ample production budget has created yet another stellar sequence of improbable but hugely imaginative riding.

Everything that has the possibility to be balanced on, or be projected off, is used in MacAskill’s Gymnasium edit. Without spoiling your viewing please, some of the highlights include exercise ball somersaults and the kind of daring bike moves, using gym equipment, that would even impress the most ardent CrossFit instructors.

The ability of MacAskill to keep progressing his riding is nothing short of astounding. Since his original breakout video edit, back in 2009, MacAskill has become by far the world’s most famous trials rider.

He has evolved from pure street trials on chromoly bikes, to incredible mountain bike trials riding, on dual-suspension carbon bikes. For the Gymnasium edit MacAskill was on his custom Santa Cruz Danny bike.

Featuring 24-inch Reserve composite wheels and full carbon construction, the Danny bike is a passion project by Santa Cruz.

Although most trials riders use chromoly bikes, for their robustness, the lightness of a carbon frame and fork, has allowed MacAskill greater freedom of movement in the air. Something very evident throughout the Gymnasium video.

Lance Branquinho
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