Marzocchi's affordable Z1 and Z2 MTB forks get a new RAIL damper and a hefty price cut

Marzocchi Z1 Coil MY25 being ridden off a drop in the woods
(Image credit: Marzocchi)

Marzocchi has released updated its Bomber Z1 and Bomber Z2 forks, equipping them with new dampers and significantly dropping the price at the same time. 

Marzocchi's Gen 2 Bomber Z1 and Bomber Z2 were some of the best budget MTB forks available, with the recent release of RockShox's new Psylo and Domain, the affordable fork segment looks to become hotly contested.

To shore up the Bomber Z1 and Bomber Z2, Marzocchi has developed a new version of its Rail damper. The new Rail damper is a simplified version of the Fox GRIP and now features pressure balancing for more consistent performance. 

The Rail damper still features the same simplified adjustments with a sweeping low-speed compression dial and rebound adjustment.

Marzocchi still offers the Bomber Z1 in a coil option too, which features an integrated air assist chamber to tune progression and bottom out.

The Bomber Z1 gets a new architecture, the 36mm stanchions now slide into Super Z inspired lowers. The Bomber Z2 uses the same 34mm chassis as the Marzocchi Bomber Z2 Gen 2 fork.

Marzocchi Z1 Coil MY25 studio shot

New lowers and crown bring the Marzocchi Super Z aesthetic to the Bomber Z1 (Image credit: Marzocchi)

The Bomber Z1 comes in travel options from 150-180mm (27.5), 130-170mm (29), while the slimmer Bomber Z2 comes in 140-150mm (27.5), 100-140mm (29). The coil fork comes in a single 29er and 160mm option.

Marzocchi claims that that the Bomber Z1 weighs 2,109g, the Bomber Z2 weighs 2,043g, and the Bomber Z1 Coil comes in at 2,525g. Although these weights aren't competitive with the best mountain bike forks, they are around 300g lighter than RockShox's latest budget forks.

Both the air and coil Z1 come in red or black colorways and the Z2 only comes in black. 

Now on to the pricing. The Marzocchi Bomber Z1 costs $599.99 / £659 and the Bomber Z2 costs $499 / £549. Compared to the previous generation that's a saving of $120 / £150 for the Bomber Z1 and $20 / £30 for the Bomber Z2. The Bomber Z2 Coil is a little more expensive at $649 / £719 when compared to the air models but $130 / £130 less than the outgoing Bomber Z1 Coil. 

All the new forks are available now from Marzocchi.

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