New tire-protection inserts from Huck Norris

Tire inserts
Make your tires live an easier trail life with these (Image credit: Huck Norris)

Flats remain the biggest issue for hard-charging mountain bikers – and we don’t mean MTB flat pedals.

As bike geometry, suspension capability and rim strength have improved, the best mountain bike tires have struggled to adapt to more aggressive riding, on rougher terrain.

Tire inserts are now a given for most enduro riders, in an attempt to prevent the disappointment of pinch flats. Even committed XC racers, owing to the increased technical challenge of modern XC racing venues are using inserts to ensure they don’t flat by the second lap of a race.

Huck Norris has now expanded its tire inserts offering with three new products under the Mega Norris line. All are designed for use across the best mountain bike wheels, catering directly to 29er rim enthusiasts (you have the option of trimming the insert, to fit 27.5- or 26-inch wheelsets).

The interesting technical detail is that these inserts offer dual-compound foam structures, with a softer upper layer. This allows for better small bump riding compliance and support of the tire sidewall during cornering.

Some clever marketers at Huck Norris have named the three new tire inserts the Toast, Sandwich and Hamburger. All three are available in two widths (55- and 60mm), with the narrow option optimizes for rims of a 28-34mm internal diameter, whilst the wider 60mm inserts play nice with rims in the 33-40m range.

The Huck Norris Toast inserts are designed for XC and trail ride use, and weigh 125- and 141g. These inserts feature only a single layer of foam density, for the entire insert.

If you need something a bit more robust, there is the dual-layer Sandwich, targeted at enduro riders. It weighs 200- to 220g, and has a more impact resistant secondary foam layer as part of the structure, to resist pinch flats during extreme wheel impacts with terrain.

The Hamburger has a tri-layer compound and is the most impact-resistant of all Huck Norris tire inserts. It is for downhill and extreme enduro use, with a weight range of 250- to 280g.

These new Huck Norris inserts have a closed foam structure, to prevent tubeless tire sealant absorption. You also don’t require special valves, to run them.

Lance Branquinho
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Lance Branquinho is a Namibian-born journalist who graduated to mountain biking after injuries curtailed his trail running. He has a weakness for British steel hardtails, especially those which only run a single gear. As well as Bike Perfect, Lance has written for, and Cycling News.