ODI's new Vanquish grips use Formula 1 and NASA robot anti-vibration tech developed by D3O

ODI Vanquish MTB Lock On Grips featuring D30 on a white background
(Image credit: ODI)

D3O's Impact Additive material has been a bit of a game-changer for mountain biking body armor, shoe insoles, and other impact-absorbing requirements thanks to the material's non-Newtonian principles, which causes the flexible material to harden when forces are applied to it. 

D3O’s Material Science and Innovation Lab has been busy cooking up a new anti-vibration compound called GRIP. Similar vibration-absorbing D3O materials have been used in Formula 1 car chassis and the NASA Valkyrie robot, now ODI has partnered with D3O to use the GRIP compound in its new Vanquish lock-on mountain bike grips.

D3O claims the material has 2x more damping along with 25 percent better impact absorption than "standard material compounds" and is said to reduce hand fatigue and ulnar nerve neuropathy. D3O GRIP is also said to smartly adjust its stiffness when hitting a bump or a root, providing the right level of support when the rider needs it most, and then immediately returning to its soft and grippy state.

ODI Vanquish MTB Lock On Grips featuring D30 on a white background

D3O Grip material is claimed to enhance comfort and control out on the trail (Image credit: ODI)

ODI has used the D3O as part of a multi-layered design with a padded palm section and crossed waffle section underneath to improve grip and control. There is a mini inner flange and the outer edge has a double reinforced built-in bar end to help protect your handlebar.

The grips feature ODI's V2.1 Lock-On System which uses a single inner collar to hold the grip in place while you are riding, similar to the one used on the ODI Vans V2.1 grip. The grips have a left and right specific pattern which is orientated correctly with the colored wedge on the bottom.

The Vanquish grips are being offered in a 135mm grip length and a diameter of 32.75mm. They will be available in three initial colors (Orange/Black, Grey/Orange, Black/Orange) with more colors to follow.

Vanquish grips will be available at the end of July priced at $44.95 / £39.99.

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