Peaty’s X Chris King MK2 valves are functional wheelset art

Valves for life with Chris King
Peaty's Chris King valves are bright but also properly designed (Image credit: Chris King)

British mountain biking legend, Steve Peat, has a new product solution to keep your wheelset rolling in style by neatly integrating tools into the humble tubeless valve.

The former downhill world champion has transitioned to product development since retiring his full-time racing status and if you want better valves for your rims, Peaty's Products has the answer.

In 2019 Peaty worked with the esteemed hub, headset and bottom bracket manufacturer, Chris King, to bring valves to market that take the frustration out of tubeless standards and tire inserts. And now they are even better with a second-generation update. 

With a chunky structure and flat-sided lock ring, these new valves are easy to tighten without requiring any tools. They also work with both carbon and aluminium rims.

Peaty’s X Chris King MK2 valves are manufactured from 7075-grade aluminium and feature a number of clever design features. Topping up tubeless sealant is assisted by the valve core’s base which aids air and sealant flow.

Valve head detaches for spoke key use

Valve head detaches for spoke key use (Image credit: Peaty's X)

There's a clever spoke tool 

Peaty’s X Chris King MK2s have an integrated Presta valve head, which also doubles as a spoke keycap. This should prove rather useful for those trailside wheel tension adjustments after you have rushed a double-black graded rock garden at speed and feel a spoke or two might have loosened.

Progression in both suspension technology and frame geometry are seeing more mountain bikers testing their tires to the limit over highly technical terrain. As such, the risk of pinch flats are increasing, and tire inserts have found their way into many enduro and most downhill bike wheelsets to mitigate the issue.  

The Peaty’s X Chris King MK2 valves are tire insert compatible thanks to a four-way X-shaped base, which allows for air and sealant flow even if the insert is compressed against the valve base, during a severe square-edged terrain impact.

Available in ten typically bright Chris King product colours (and black, if you wish to go stealth), these new valves can be ordered in 42- and 60mm lengths.

Pricing for the new <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank">Peaty’s X Chris King MK2 valves are £24.99/$34.99 and they carry a lifetime warranty. 

Lance Branquinho
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