Pirelli to sponsor TweedLove Triple Crown enduro series

Pirelli sponsers TweedLove
(Image credit: TweedLove)

Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli has signed on to sponsor the TweedLove Triple Crown enduro series. In addition, the tire company will sponsor the Glentress 7 mountain bike endurance race. 

“We’re really pleased to be working with the TweedLove races," Matteo Brivio of Pirelli's bike division said in a press release. "We’ve got a great relationship with the TweedLove team through our ongoing sponsorship with their Tour O’ The Borders road event, and know they’re going to bring that same enthusiasm to their enduro races too. Their Triple Crown race series is one of the best in the country, and we think the challenging riding conditions are a great match for Pirelli’s mountain bike tires.”

It's been 18 months since the last TweedLove mountain bike event, but the race organizers are expecting the events to go ahead this summer. 

Start lists for the four races, three enduros plus a seven-hour XC marathon race, are filling up, but there are still spots available in at least two of the enduro races for riders to test their skills against the best racers in the UK. The Glentress 7 is sold out of solo spots, but there are pairs and trios still available. The Pirelli Vallelujah enduro is sold out, but there are still spots on the waiting list. 

“The Triple Crown enduros have been massively successful over the last few years and are among the UK’s best and most popular races, TweedLove founder and director said in the press release. "We’ve always strived to create the best courses and the highest quality of event production, so it’s fantastic to now partner with Pirelli – it’s such a legendary, world-class brand and will have a really positive impact on the events.”

2021 TweedLove MTB calendar

  • July 17-18: Pirelli TweedLove Vallelujah Enduro (Round one of the British National Enduro Series) 
  • July 31-Aug. 1: Pirelli TweedLove King & Queen of the Hill
  • Sept. 17-19: Pirelli TweedLove Tenduro
  • June 19: Pirelli Glentress Seven (Subject to final confirmation) 
Ryan Simonovich

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