If you've been yearning for a gravel helmet with cargo capabilities, yearn no longer as POC releases two new Omne models

POC Omne Ultra MIPS helmet
(Image credit: POC)

POC has announced the Omne Lite and Omne Ultra MIPS, two new helmets based on the brand's popular Omne range. 

The new lids are part of the more affordable Omne range which already features the Omne Air, Omne Resistance, POCito Omne, and the Omne Eternal. The new helmets both come with very different approaches, competing with the best gravel bike helmets whether you seek performance or just want to embrace the 'spirit of gravel'.

Oscar Huss, Chief Product Officer, POC said, “We set out to inspire and protect all cyclists with the Omne family which have been designed to be complete multi-discipline helmets, with advanced performance and the optimal blend of function and form. And we are proud to release two brand-new versions, Omne Lite and Omne Ultra, which bring new perspectives and options to the ever growing Omne family.”

POC Omne Ultra MIPS helmet

(Image credit: POC)

POC Omne Ultra Mips

The Omne Ultra MIPS has been doing the rounds for a few months now although if we are being honest we weren't sure if this was just a meme dreamt up by @bicyclepubes.

The Omne Ultra MIPS obviously caught our attention as it comes equipped with safety features that will appeal to the adventurous gravel rider and bikepacker. POC has fitted it with a RECCO Reflector, a small electronic transponder that can be detected by search and rescue teams in the case of an accident. The helmet also features an ID pouch just in case your found unconscious. 

However, if gravel couldn't become more of a parody of itself, there are cargo straps on the side for storage. We aren't sure exactly what this cargo storage could be used for and as far as the press release indicates, neither are POC stating the attachments are "designed to provide enhanced personalization and inspiration for those extended adventures on your bike".

The Omne Ultra MIPS still has all the EPS Liner, MIPS Integra protection, and the 360-degree adjustment system of the standard Omne. The new helmet weighs 340g for a medium and comes in four new colors, including a rather delightful Himalayan Salt Matt and Epidote Green Matt.

POC Omne Lite helmet

(Image credit: POC)

POC Omne Lite

The second helmet is the POC Omne Lite which, you guessed it, is a lightweight version of the Omne and aimed at riders looking for a performance-orientated helmet. POC has taken the standard Omne added lightness by stripping back the helmets features to achieve a pretty impressive claimed weight of 240g for a medium helmet, saving 90g of the regular Omne Air MIPS.

To reduce weight it looks as if POC has stripped out the MIPS liner, greatly reduced the PC shell, fitted a lightweight 360-degree adjustment system, and added more vents and channeling.

The enhanced ventilation channels and extra rear exhausts not only reduce weight but should also enhance ventilation to improve comfort when riding in hot weather.

The Omne Lite comes in seven color options including Hydrogen White, Uranium Black Matt, and more colorful options like Epidote Green Matt and Purple Amethyst Matt

Both helmets are available in small, medium, and large sizes and POC says they will become available in March. The POC Omne Ultra MIPS will retail for $200 / £180 / €200. and the Omne Lite is priced at $190 / £170 / €190.

Graham Cottingham
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