Pole Bicycles marks their tenth anniversary with the release of two new gravity bikes

Pole Onni and Sonni release
(Image credit: Pole)

Pole Bicycles has announced the Onni and Sonni, two new gravity-focused bikes on the Finnish brand's roster. The Onni and Sonni e-MTB feature up to 200mm of rear travel and the same construction and striking aesthetic that makes Pole bikes so distinctive.

Both the motor-on Sonni and motor-off Onni are built using Pole's unique CNC process and constructed from 7075-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum and finished with an Electrophoretic Clearcoating. Pole claims that their engineering and design results in an alloy frame that surpass carbon in both strength and weight. There is also the added bonus that aluminum is far more recyclable than carbon and produces less manufacturing waste as well.

To compete with the best electric mountain bikes the Sonni is equipped with a Bosch Smart System Performance Line CX and powered by a 750Wh PowerTube.

The Onni and Sonni feature a 63.5-degree head angle, a very steep 79-degree seat angle, and 448mm chainstay. Other geometry figures like reach and bottom bracket drop vary slightly depending on rear travel, wheel size, and which size adjustment position you set the bike up in. The 200mm bike in the middle K2 size has a reach of 458mm to 473mm, 632mm stack, and a 9mm bottom bracket drop.

Pole's bike range is now split into gravity and trail, each with three build options

Pole's MTB and e-MTB range is now split into gravity and trail, each with three build options (Image credit: Pole)

The introduction of these two new platforms has meant that Pole has restructured their range and the bikes are now split into trail or gravity categories. The Voima e-mtb and Vikkela fit into the trail platform and align with the best enduro bikes while the two new bikes are filed under gravity to compete with the best downhill bikes. Each bike can be specced with either 29er or mullet wheel setups and are available in three different build variations.

The Trail Platform will come in Downduro, Enduro, and Trail builds, and the Gravity Platform will have DH, Downduro, and Enduro options. While the 'downduro' name makes me cringe, the three categories for each platform has spec choices that separate them from each other. 

The Voima and Vikkela downduro and enduro builds feature 190mm of rear travel and come in with either a 200mm double or 190mm single crown fork and a 12sp drivetrain. The trail builds have less travel, with 170mm front and 168mm rear travel they are specced with a single crown fork and a 12sp drivetrain.

Pole Onni downduro build

Pole Onni downduro build (Image credit: Pole)

The new Onni and Sonni gravity bikes come in downhill, downduro, and enduro builds. The downhill version features 200mm front and rear and double crown forks. The motorized Sonni features a 12sp drivetrain and dropper while the Onni gets a more DH-focused 7sp cassette and rigid seatpost. The downcountry spec is the same as the downhill builds but adds the option of a 190mm single crown fork plus a 12sp drivetrain to the Onni. Lastly, the enduro build has a 180mm single crown fork and 177mm of rear wheel travel.

It's worth noting that all of these build and travel options use the same Onni, Sonni, Voima, and Vikkelan frame so it's well worth having a good look at the geometry charts as the different builds have some pretty radical effects on the geometry of each bike model. For example, the Onni mullet downhill build has a 63.5-degree head angle but the mullet enduro spec Vikkelan is almost a degree slacker at 62.6 degrees.

If all these options sound a bit bamboozling then don't worry, Pole are developing a web tool that will help customers choose the right model, frame size, seat post, and crank size. Pole says this tool will be ready to use in September.

Pole offers customizable specs at the point of ordering for almost every component including a number of drivetrain and brake options from SRAM and suspension from Rockshox.

Pole Onni being ridden around a berm

Its a downhill bike, with a dropper and 12sp drivetrain (Image credit: Pole)

Pricing and availability

The new Sonni and Onni are available for pre-order and expected to be shipped in September, while Pole says the trail version of the Voima and Vikkela are 'releasing soon'.

Pricing for the Sonni e-MTB starts at $6851 / €6290 for a complete bike and the frameset will retail from $6061 / €5565. The motor-off Onni starts at $4890 / €4490 and the frame on its own is priced at $3486 / €3200. The pricing excludes VAT and import duties may apply depending on your location.

Full spec and geometry details can be found at Polebicycles.com.

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