Prologo claims its new Proxim Nembo Slide Control saddle enhances bike control

Prologo Proxim Nembo saddle
(Image credit: Prologo)

Prologo has launched two new Proxim Nembo saddles that are aimed at enduro, downhill, and eMTB riders looking for the best mountain bike saddle.

Better known for their road and XC saddles, Prologo's new Proxim Nembo saddles are specifically aimed at racing and are claimed to improve stability, control, and comfort. The Italian brand says the saddles were designed in "synergy with the Enduro and DH World Cup teams supported by Prologo. That includes Gee Atherton who has already used the new saddle during his recent trip to the Dolomites to film Ridgeline IV

The Nembo is now the narrowest saddle in the Proxim range measuring 245x135mm. There is also a more padded version with a 145mm base and 5mm more upper padding for e-MTBing.

Prologo says that it has widened the nose of the Proxim Nembo to aid control when seated and unseated and the flat shape and wide central channel add support whilst limiting unwanted pressure. This is enhanced with varying-density foam padding across the surface. The base has been thickened for better durability and is made from a mix of nylon and carbon.

Prologo Proxim Nembo saddle

The lines on the cover add grip which Prologo says enhances control  (Image credit: Prologo)

There are two versions of the Prologo Proxim Nembo, the base Proxim Nemboises T2.0 rails whereas the more premium Proxim Nembo Slide Control gets a lighter TiroX light-alloy steel rail. The Proxim Nembo Slide Control is claimed to weigh 212g, while the standard Proxim Nembo weighs 22g more.

The Proxim Nembo Slide Control model also gets a special 3D silicone print on the cover to add grip. Prologo says the Slide Control cover helps riders maintain a more stable position in the saddle, even in the most extreme wet and muddy conditions. It's based on Prologo's CPC (Connect Power Control) technology which has also been used on its Road, Triathlon, and Cross Country saddles, but less grippy to maintain some freedom of movement.

The Prologo Proxim Nembo is priced at €99 and Proxim Nembo Slide Control costs €119, all versions are available now.

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