Raaw's Madonna V2 enduro bike ready to party

Raaw Madonna is an modern geometry 29er enduro bike
Raaw fits the Madonna V2 with 203mm brake mounts, showing its enduro intent (Image credit: Raaw)

Raaw has released an updated version of its long-travel Madonna enduro bike.

The 2020 Madonna V2 adds some very clever design details to the German brand’s 160mm 29er.

Originally designed and launched in 2017 as one of the new-generation long-travel 29ers, the aluminium Madonna frame set retains its 160mm travel rating but features improved geometry as part of its V2 evolution.

Raaw’s engineers have stretched the reach by 5mm on all four sizes. That might not sound like much but, as speeds increase and terrain becomes steeper, any number with a steering or stability influence becomes crucial.

Beyond the roomier top tube, Raaw has also slackened the Madonna’s head tube angle by half a degree, to balance the increased reach. The V2’s stance now registers a 64.5-degree head tube angle with Raaw’s recommended 170mm front fork in place.

Riders who wish to send the Madonna V2 down the most radical terrain can fit a 180mm fork if they wish. Raaw has designed the bike’s headtube to be strong enough for the increased leverage of a 10mm longer fork.

Possibly the most interesting design change for the Madonna V2 is its choice of two rocker links, for the rear suspension system.

Mountain bikers come in all sizes and weight categories. Raaw has cleverly recognised this by offering a rocker 60 option for lighter riders and its rocker 65 for larger owners.

Although both these rocker links have similar leverage ratios and run the suspension at 160mm of travel, they have different shock strokes, which correspond to their number values.

For riders under 90kg, Raaw recommends fitting the rocker 60 to its Madonna V2. This runs the shock at 60mm of stroke and offers superior small-bump sensitivity.

The rocker 65 has 5mm more stroke and will allow riders of greater than 90kg to run lower air pressure, without increased risk of bottoming-out their suspension on terrain features such as jumps and drops.

Raaw has also made the Madonna V2 lighter and more silent.  A new top tube design has helped to trim 150g from the bike’s overall frame weight. There is also an integrated downtube protector to absorb and deflect terrain debris at speed.

The Madonna V2 also gains a ribbed chain stay protector on the drive side, which offers the best possible sound damping, when your chain starts bouncing at speed, over very technical terrain.

Pricing for the Raaw Madonna V2 starts at €1924 for a frame kit. Build options start at €4361.

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