Rapha buck the trend for massive lenses with three new cycling sunglasses models

Rapha Reiss sunglasses close up
The new Rapha shades pack in plenty cool looking vibes (Image credit: Rapha)

Rapha has added to its cycling sunglasses range with the launch of three new lightweight sunglasses models. The high-end brand says the specs are built for performance with proprietary contrast-enhancing lens technology, plus anti-fog, anti-scratch and hydrophobic lens finishes. 

Rapha is keen to point out that as a brand it's not just about delivering cycling performance, sustainability is key to its ethos. These three new frames are crafted from bio-based materials, while the arm and nose grippers are made from Megoltm. Rapha says this material offers stability and grip in sweaty or wet conditions, but also helps achieve the goal of reducing the brand's environmental footprint. For anyone interested – Megoltm is a family of TPS-SEBS compounds that combines rubber’s elasticity, appearance, and haptics with the low processing costs of thermoplastics.

Ready in time for summer riding, the new Dalton, Letras, and Reis models are named after cycling destinations around the globe and purpose-built to deliver all-day ride comfort. Rapha claims it makes these new models the leaders in the best mountain bike sunglasses market. I'm a big fan of cycling sunglasses and MTB goggles, and I had an excited look over the new models from Rapha to see what they are all about.

Rapha Dalton sunglasses side on

The Dalton sunglasses have a very different but very cool look (Image credit: Rapha)


First up is the Dalton, designed for all-day riding and the best bike-packing adventures – named after The Dalton Highway in Alaska. Versatility and adaptability are the key features with interchangeable lenses aimed to perform in every condition. The contrast-enhancing lens technology is claimed to enhance clarity and hazard perception, while the wrapped design protects the eyes and extends the field of vision. There is also a removable adjustable neck strap. With the strap, the Dalton's weigh in at 32g, without, 28g, and are priced at $180 / £140.

Rapha Dalton sunglasses on rider

The Dalton models weighs in at just 28g  (Image credit: Rapha)


Rapha says the Letras are the lightest of the three new models coming in at a super feathery 23g. They have a super cool-looking futuristic vibe and the frameless sunglasses wrap around the face. They are named after the ‘Alto de Letras’, a mountain pass in the Northern Andes. The freeform lens and strategically placed ventilation, they claim offer an extended field of vision, and proprietary contrast-enhancing lens technology enhances hazard perception. It is also said to adapt to variations in terrain and light conditions and provide increased protection from UV rays, road spray, and debris. The Letras sunglasses retail for $205 / £160.

Rapha Letras sunglasses

Letras are the lightest model at 23g named after a mountain pass in the Andes (Image credit: Rapha)


The Reis is named after the Spanish island of Mallorca’s toughest cycling climb ‘Coll Dels Reis’, popularly known as Sa Calobra. Featuring a half-framed design they are engineered for greater perception. They also have four interchangeable lenses, suitable for various riding conditions. The freeform one-piece lens is claimed to give an extended field of vision, while the contrast-enhancing lens technology helps identify hazards and adapt to changes in terrain and light conditions. The Reis sunglasses are claimed to weigh in at 28g priced at $205 / £160.

Rapha Reis sunglasses

The Reis are the most conventional looking of the three models (Image credit: Rapha)

All models are available now from Rapha, and more information can be found at Rapha.cc.

Paul Brett
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