Reeb's Sqweeb V4 frame is a three-in-one trail/enduro monster bike

Reeb Sqweeb enduro
(Image credit: Reeb)

Beer and mountain biking often share a happy collaboration, and few brands illustrate this better than Reeb. Reeb bikes, which is beer backwards, are all welded and fabricated in Lyons, Colorado.

The Colorado bike brand started as a brewer and then realized the ambition of its founders, to diversify into mountain bikes. After two years of design and testing, Reeb launches the newest version of its best enduro mountain bike.

The fourth version of Reeb's Sqweeb features a new rocker link and adjustable lower shock mounts. Although the V4 Sqweeb is available in three different frame options, riders have the option to purchase a shock mount that allows for a three-in-one bike option. Provided you have the additional shock, fork and wheel hardware to support the conversion of your Reeb bike between all-mountain and full enduro. 

Reeb Sqweeb enduro

The Reeb Sqweeb V4 in short travel 130mm mode (Image credit: Reeb)

One frame - many options 

Reeb’s Sqweeb range features a 130mm trail bike 29er, an enduro 150mm frame and the option of a mullet wheel version, with 163mm of frame travel. The product people at Reeb recommend a 160mm fork for all three versions, although the 150mm 29er and 163mm mullet Sqweeb, can run with forks up to 170mm.

Although geometry varies slightly between the three versions, the core frame angles work around a 65-degree head angle, which can alter slightly depending on the amount of fork travel you prefer. Reeb has also kept chainstay lengths the same across all travel lengths, choosing a tight 434mm length for quick maneuverability.

Reeb recommends a fork between 140mm and 150mm for the shorter travel setup, both the enduro and mullet setups are designed to be run with 150mm to 170mm forks.

Reeb Sqweeb enduro

Reeb offers an option for a CNC headtube badge for an additional $75 (Image credit: Reeb)

The overall frame weight is an impressive 453g (1lb) lighter, and the bike is also 10mm narrower, thanks to a trimmed chainstay design. 

What’s the benefit of narrower chainstays? If you are riding flat pedals and wear a large shoe size, the smaller chainstays are less likely to create heel rub when pedaling.  

Reeb is marketing the Sqweeb V4 frame at $2750, with build options beginning at $5430 from the website. The shock swap kit is $60, and as you’d expect from a boutique brand, there is the option of CNC headtube badge, for $75.

Sqweeb V3 frame owners shouldn't feel too left out either as Reeb offers a Sqweeb V4 rear-end upgrade kit for $650. The price includes the V4 rocker in raw aluminum and v4 seat stays, a 92g weight saving and dual row bearings with a better load capacity. Reeb will even color match your upgraded rear end so it matches your existing front triangle.

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