Save money on T-Type AXS derailleur repairs – SRAM's new affordable cage assembly kit is (almost) here

SRAM Eagle Transmission XX SL groupset
SRAM Eagle Transmission is hailed as a "performance masterpiece" but can still be vulnerable to trail damage (Image credit: GuyKesTV)

SRAM has announced it is offering a more cost-effective choice for mountain bike riders needing to replace a bent derailleur cage on various T-Type Eagle Transmissions

SRAM launched its T-Type 'hangerless' Eagle wireless drivetrain last year and it was hailed by our very own Guy Kesteven, "as a practical and performance feature-loaded masterpiece with a whole new attachment and ergonomic architecture." It was also designed to give increased durability, better impact protection, and be easier to repair, making it one of the most advanced and best mountain bike drivetrains on the market. 

There were plenty of videos circulating showing SRAM engineers and members of the cycling media doing unspeakable things to the rear derailleur, showcasing its resilience. As fun as it looked to stand on a very expensive derailleur and drop various items on it, it's a different game altogether when you might have to pay for replacements, considering the considerable cash already forked out to buy into T-Type technology in the first place.

A bent SRAM XX Eagle T-Type AXS cage and replacement

A bent SRAM XX Eagle T-Type AXS cage and until now, its very expensive replacement (Image credit: MBR)

Our colleagues over at MBR have been riding the T-Type Transmission for over 12 months and the team loves the overall performance. However, it's not completely invulnerable, as they found out when bending the rear mech when hitting it on a log. Although the T-Type system is designed for maximum repairability, the price of a new T-Type AXS mech is quite substantial, priced around $210 / £180 / €200 for the XX cage assembly or the GX at $160 / £125 / €140.

So until now even the smallest of incidents out on the trails, could result in a massive repair cost, SRAM now gives riders the choice of making a huge saving if a new GX, XO, or XX cage assembly is required. 

The new ‘RD Cage Kit Alu T-Type Eagle AXS’ was first reported by MBR's Editor, Danny Milner and is priced at a much more wallet-friendly $29 / £28 / €31. It includes a replacement inner and outer cage and pulley wheels, but without the clutch/damper, which represents a far cheaper option of getting up and running again.

We’re still waiting for details from SRAM who are yet to release info on availability and precise specifications, but it seems the cage kit will fit any T-Type AXS mech, and we'll update as and when more info is released.

Paul Brett
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