Selva adds a coil to Formula’s forks

Selva coil can be added to air-sprung Formula forks
All Selva forks are compatible and convertible to Formula's new coil internals (image credit: Formula) (Image credit: Formula)

Formula has expanded the options for its Selva range with some new 160mm coil forks.

The Italian brake and suspension specialist is reacting to demand for coil sprung mountain bike components. Better wheels and tyres have increased riding speeds on technical trails and riders are reverting to coil suspension, for its preferred small-bump sensitivity.

Formula’s new coil fork has all the familiar features and technical specification you’d encounter with an air-sprung Selva. That means a 35mm stanchion chassis, 203mm maximum diameter brake rotor compatibility and 15mm through-axle.

Riders wishing to increase their front wheel tracking accuracy even more can opt for a 20mm through-axle with the Selva coil. Fork offset measurements are dependent on wheel size. The 27.5-inch Selva coil forks have a 46mm offset and 29er variants increase that to 51mm.

Weights register at 2230g for the Selva coil 27.5 and 2290g for Formula’s 29er version. These new coils are slightly heavier than Formula’s Selva dual-air forks, which are 1940g.

Most of the Selva air’s adjustability is present on the new coil version, including CTS compression tuning and Formula’s huge diversity of interchangeable valving circuits.

On the trail, Formula’s Selva coil offers rebound, lock-out and lock-out threshold switch adjustment. Customers will have the choice of four spring ratings, from the factory, which list as soft, medium, firm and super firm. Whichever spring you choose, its preload can be adjusted via a dial on the fork’s right leg tower cap.

Price positioning for the Selva coil is £821 and there are three variants available: 27.5, 29 and an extended 170mm travel 27.5 derivative. Formula also offers a hand-painted ultraviolet finish for all their new Selva coil forks, which increases the price to £916.

Lance Branquinho
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