Shimano floats three new super-lightweight MTB sunglasses into its range

Views of the Shimano Technium sunglasses
Shimano adds three new models to its sunglasses range – Technium, Technium L, and Twinspark (Image credit: Shimano)

Shimano has added to its best cycling sunglasses range with the launch of three new and updated lightweight MTB sunglasses models, that all feature Shimano's Ridescape lens technology.

The new Technium, Technium L, and Twinspark are all purpose-built to deliver all-day ride comfort and style, and Shimano claims it makes these new models the leaders in the best mountain bike sunglasses market. I'm a big fan of cycling sunglasses and MTB goggles, I never ride without sunglasses even on days when I don't need them. I had a look over these new offerings from Shimano to see if I'll be adding them to my collection anytime soon.

Shimano Technium sunglasses on a MTB rider

The three new models are added to the Shimano sunglasses range (Image credit: Shimano)

Ridescape lens technology

Shimano Technium sunglasses on a helmet

Ridescape lens technology is claimed to transmit the right amount of light to boost visibility in all ride conditions (Image credit: Shimano)

First up was a closer look into the Shimano Ridescape lens tech, which is a cycling-dedicated lens design, aimed to deliver greater contrast and clarity to your visual experience wherever you ride. The Ridescape lenses come in options tuned for different riding conditions, light, and terrains – from mixed shadows on a mountain bike forest trail to chasing the dimming light on the best gravel bike adventures. Shimano says its lens tech will transmit the right amount of light to boost visibility, enhance details that would normally be washed out, dull, or flat, and allow riders to choose the best lens to suit their needs.


Shimano Technium sunglasses

Technium is a full-frame sunglasses design ready for all-day comfort (Image credit: Shimano)

The first model in the range is named Technium and comes in at a lightweight 27.4g, which in comparison to the SunGod Airas sunglasses at 31g or the Koo Spectro at 39g, makes them pretty feathery. Technium are full-frame sunglasses designed for all-day comfort, with fog-reducing vents integrated into the top and bottom of the lens, which they say will help riders see clearly in all conditions.

Shimano claims that the Technium frames are made using 45 percent bio-based materials that they add to help reduce carbon emissions during the manufacturing process, however, we are still to see the data to back up the claims.

Customizable fit comes with a reversible nose pad to tune the perfect fit. The curved, soft temple grippers are said to integrate with most of the best mountain bike helmets, staying locked in place when things get rowdy on the trails.

Technium eyewear is available with three different Ridescape lens choices to suit each rider's preference – OR for mountain biking, GR for gravel riding, and RD for road. They also come with an interchangeable spare clear lens for low-light riding conditions.

With a frame choice of Matte Black, Matte White, Teal, Teaberry, Matte Grey, Dark Olive, Bronze Gold, and the RRP is $100 / £100 / €99.95.

Technium L 

Shimano Technium L sunglasses

Technium L weighs in at a claimed 26g (Image credit: Shimano)

Things get even lighter with the Technium L and the half-frame design weighs in at just 26g, and has the same wide, one-piece lens design as the Technium model. The only difference is a rider's preference for a full frame design or half frame, the minimal slightly lower grammage, and an extra lens choice option.

The same three lens options as its full-frame equivalent are available (OR, GR, or RD) plus the interchangeable clear lens, the Technium L also offers a Photochromic Gray lens as the spare lens option. Shimano says this additional lens automatically changes the visible light transmission percentage when exposed to different levels of UV light for example if the surroundings are dark, the lens is almost clear; when it's brighter, the lens turns a darker hue.

Frame color choices are Matte Black, Matte White, Crimson, Smokey Navy, Dark Olive, and Bronze Gold,  and the RRP is also $100 / £100 / €99.95.


Shimano Twinspark sunglasses

Twinspark is a more budget friendly offering from Shimano (Image credit: Shimano)

For riders looking for a more budget-friendly selection then the Twinspark model is worth a look. It’s said to be a versatile do-it-all sunglasses option with a lightweight half-rim frame design at 25.3g. It's paired with a daytime-tuned Ridescape HC lens, which is designed to filter out harsh glare and sharpen surface details.

The one-piece Ridescape HC delivers optimal protection along with richer colors and higher resolution for a clearer view of the road. Just like the Technium and Technium L eyewear offerings, Twinspark is scratch-resistant and water-repellent, and this model features Shimano’s new clarity-enhancing lightweight BPA-free polyamide lens.

These come with a frame color choice of Black, White, Deep Red, and Smoky Navy and are priced at $65 / £55 / €54.95.

The entire range of Shimano sunglasses are available now direct from Shimano and Shimano retailers. For more information please visit

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