Shimano's new GF800 GTX claims to be the ultimate winter flat MTB boot as the brand introduces an all-new range of gravity footwear

The new Shimano GE700 shoe being ridden downhill
Shimano says the new range is designed for gravity riding (Image credit: Shimano)

Shimano’s all-new range of mountain bike shoes includes their new GE Gravity Enduro series and the GF Gravity Flat range. The GE is aimed at aggressive trail and downhill mountain bike riding with SPD pedals, while the GF is aimed at riders who prefer to have the option to shift their feet while riding the best flat MTB pedals. The GF range also includes, what Shimano says, is the ultimate cold weather flat shoe.

The Shimano GE500 MTB shoe

The GE500 has women's sizing and color options (Image credit: Shimano)

The new collection takes inspiration from the modern mountain bike rider with a complete range of shoes to take on any rivals in the best mountain bike shoe market. Shimano adds the all-new series will offer comfort and control across the range with footwear that optimizes on-bike performance in technical terrain with enhanced grip on slippery hike-a-bike sections. We had a delve into the new collection and the performance features included.

Shimano's GE900 shoes in a studio shoot

The GE900 has molded pedal channel designed for continued shoe-to-pedal connection (Image credit: Shimano)

Shimano GE900 

Shimano says the GE900 shoe is their flagship top-of-the-range SPD gravity shoe with a host of performance and comfort-enhancing features. The shoe features a Torbal 2.0 midsole which Shimano say will allow the heel section to move torsionally, and maintain a full range of movement for improved comfort and on-bike control. There is also a full-length EVA midsole that's reinforced with carbon to reduce weight and deliver efficient pedaling. The GE900 has a Boa Fit System with a shield and instep strap, designed to give a quick and precise closure, and excellent foothold.

The Shimano GE900 MTB shoe in Olive

The GE900 is the flagship SPD shoe in the range (Image credit: Shimano GE900)

The GE900 also has a neoprene ankle collar that they say keeps out debris, with the rest of the upper made from a claimed robust, quick-drying synthetic leather, with a mesh window for airflow and cooling. Shimano says the new Ultread GE sole on the GE900 is 'enduro-optimized' and will deliver enhanced grip on slippery hike-a-bike sections, the shoe also has a molded pedal channel to provide a continued shoe-to-pedal connection even if a rider unclips while riding.

The GE900 comes in either Black or Olive and has a claimed weight of 423g in a size 42. Sizing ranges from 38-48 and is priced at $225 / £219 / €219.

The Shimano GE700 shoe side profile in Light Grey

The GE700 comes with laces and an instep strap (Image credit: Shimano)

Shimano GE700 

Next up in the GE range is the GE700 SPD enduro shoe, and like the GE900, it features Shimano’s Torbal 2.0 midsole so the heel section can easily twist to provide more control and comfort while riding over technical terrain. It also has the same Ultread GE sole and molded pedal channel. Instead of the Boa fastening, the GE700 has a lace closure system with reinforced guides as well as an instep strap for enhanced foothold.

The GE700 comes in either Black or Light Grey coloring and has a claimed weight of 417g in a size 42. Sizing ranges from 38-48 and is priced at $180 / £179 / €179. 

The GE500 MTB shoe in Women's Black color

The GE500 comes in specific women's colorways (Image credit: Shimano)

Shimano GE500 and GE500W 

The trail-ready GE500 gravity shoe again comes with Torbal 2.0 and Ultread GE sole, so the same claimed impressive grip but is paired with a more casual, breathable fabric upper with a layered half-length EVA foam designed to absorb impacts on and off the bike. The more casual look continues with skate-style-inspired laces and an instep strap. The GE500 also has women's sizing and color options.

GE500 is available in men’s color choices of Black, Light Green and Sand Beige. The women-specific colors are Denim and Black. Sizing from 38-48 and women's from 36-44. The shoes weigh in at 375g in men's size 40, and 399g in women’s size 42. They're priced $140 / £119 / €119.

Shimano GF600 MTB flat pedal shoe in Brown side on

The GF600 is Shimano's benchmark flat pedal shoe (Image credit: Shimano)

Shimano GF600 

Shimano’s GF600 is the brand's benchmark shoe for flat pedal riders, which Shimano says will deliver total control even on the roughest of trails. The new GF-specific Ultread sole utilizes a slow rebound rubber compound and wide profile hexagonal tread pattern to deliver secure pedal pin engagement and has multi-direction stability.

The GF600 is constructed using a heavy-duty cushioned synthetic leather upper, with a raised padded ankle collar, and sidewall sole. Shimano says the upper is 'trail tuned' to be tighter around the ball of the foot for enhanced bike control, pedaling efficiency and has increased volume at the toe box and heel for improved walking comfort and shock absorption. Like its GE siblings, it also has the Torbal 2.0 torsional plate structure for improved rider comfort, fluidity, and on-bike control.

The GF600 is a fully laced shoe with reinforced guides and added lace keeper. It comes in Black or Brown colors, and weighs in at 397g in a size 42. Available in sizes 38-48, priced at $160 / £179 / €169.

The Shimano GF800 GTX MTB winter boot/shoe

The GF800 GTX has full Gore-Tex waterproof protection (Image credit: Shimano)

Shimano GF800 GTX 

New for winter and one of the most interesting shoes in the new range is the GF800 GTX, that Shimano boldly claims this will be the best cold-weather flat shoe. And with few decent foul weather flat shoe options, aside from Five Ten's Trailcross Gore-Tex boot, we hope the GF800 GTX will be right up there.

Designed for wet and cold days in the saddle, the shoe features an integrated sock-style upper equipped with a waterproof Gore-Tex liner to keep the elements at bay. The Shimano rubber compound on the sole is optimized for low temperatures, with the Ultread again enhancing the shoe-pedal connection with maximum pin grip.

The all-new GF800 GTX has a Boa Fit System L6 dial with a shield that allows for easy operation with winter gloves. Available in Black or Khaki, weighs in at 390g in a size 42. Sized from 38-48 and priced at $220 / £219 / €219.

The Shimano GF400 shoe in Red Clay color

The GF400 has more expansive sizing in the Men's version and Women's specific colors (Image credit: Shimano)

Shimano GF400 and GF400W 

The new GF400 and GF400W are the more affordable trail-ready versions of the flat pedal shoes, that also feature Shimano's Ultread and deliver a more flexible sole for a confidence-enhancing pedal feel without pain or hot spots. A new half-length EVA midsole increases cushioning and comfort during hike-a-bike sections, with a durable and breathable fabric upper and a raised padded ankle collar protecting against rock strikes and other trail impacts. 

GF400 is available in men’s color choices of Black, Olive Green and Dark Blue. With women-specific colors of Asphalt Grey and Red Clay. Sizing is more expansive on the GF400 with men's from 33 to 48 and women's 36 to 44. Weight is 371g in men's size 42, 343g in women's size 40. They're priced at $140 / £119 / €119.

Shimano GE and GF availability

The entire Shimano GE and GF collection are available now from Shimano and Shimano retailers with more information available at

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