SQLab launch its 5OX flat MTB pedal with three different axle lengths to ease the Q-factor pedaling headache

The SQLab flat pedal details
The 5OX has a large contact area of 110 x 105 mm (Image credit: SQLAB)

SQLab is all about comfort for cycling, from its extensive range of award winning best mountain bike saddles to mountain bike grips they work with medical specialists to help cyclists with pain and numbness, and place a strong emphasis on research and development in all their products. They have now launched their new 5OX pedals with three axle widths that they say promote a more natural foot position on its pedal.

SQLab was founded by Tobias "Toby" Hild in 2002 and was the first cycling brand to focus on ergonomic cycling parts. They recently updated their Innerbarends 2.0 bar ends which are said to offer maximum comfort on longer rides and SQLab was also the very first brand to introduce a sit bones distance measuring tool for the best mountain bike saddle fit, although we have found a much easier way to measure your sit bones at home. 

Three SQLab pedals laid out on grass

The 5OX comes in three different axle lengths  (Image credit: SQLab)

SQLab says a foot position on the pedal that is physiologically natural is made possible by the three distinct axle lengths which will suit wider feet, a V-shaped foot position, or larger sit-bone distances, which typically call for a high Q-factor. For those unaware, Q-factor is the distance between the pedal attachment points on the crank arms, essentially the distance between your feet, too narrow or too wide can give hip and knee pain, and therefore is crucial as part of your overall bike fit.

Also, the platform surface of the 5OX pedal has a subtle concave, which the manufacturer claims promotes a more comfortable pedaling stance and offers lots of grip. They also have a large contact area of 110 x 105 mm (which remains the same regardless of axle configuration), the surface is also level with the pedal axle, so no "step" or "bump" that some rival flat pedals have on their surface.

Close up detail of the SQLab MTB pedal

The larger contact area offers plenty grip (Image credit: SQLab)

The main body of the 5OX is a plastic pedal reinforced with glass fiber which they say will withstand more abuse than comparable aluminum platform pedals. For this reason, SQLab does not offer an aluminum version of the 5OX pedals, but they say the pedal offers excellent performance, heavy-duty durability, outstanding grip, and comes at a great price.

The 5OX pedals are available now priced $89.99 / £69.99 / €79.95. They come in sizes S, M and L with axle lengths of -5mm, 0mm and +5mm, suitable for shoe sizes 36 to 48. Find out more at sqlab.com

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