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Ted King's Southeastern gravel road trip

Ted King
(Image credit: Ted King)

Last month, Ted King won the Swamp Fox Gravel Fondo in South Carolina. Not only was the event more than 170-miles, but it also started at 11 p.m., making for an atypical race and pre-race routine.           

In his latest YouTube video, King documents the trip he took with his wife and daughter from their home in Vermont to the race in South Carolina, a journey of about 1,000-miles down the East Coast of the United States. 

After the race in South Carolina, the trio headed to Asheville, North Carolina before competing in a Southeast Gravel Series race. Laura King also competed in both events, riding to a second-place finish at the Southeast Gravel series race. 

Watch the video below to see the family take on bike racing and van life camping in preparation for the gravel season to come.