Our AI deal bot searches for the best Amazon Prime Day cycling offers around

While we all like a cheeky Amazon Prime Day deal, trawling through all the items on sale can get pretty tedious. The good news is that our techy-savvy friends over at Tom's Guide have wrangled some AI bots to do your deal-searching bidding for you.

Amazon Prime Big Deal Days is already upon us, but instead of doom scrolling through endless mediocre deals, give this AI search tool a go and not only save some money but also some time. The tool isn't just looking for the biggest discounts either, it will find the deals on the products that we think are worth buying.

The best bit is that it doesn't just look for cycling sale items, it will hunt down the best deals whether you're looking for a new fridge, TV, robot vacuum, or golf balls. Powered by tech from OpenAI, the people behind ChatGPT, the bot will surface product and deal recommendations from across Future sites, linking directly to the deals at Amazon as well as to the pages where we’ve recommended them.

So drop in some search terms and the AI Deal Finder will hunt down the best deals for you.

But if you'd rather trust humans to find the best deals around, our Amazon Prime Day cycling deals and Amazon Prime Day Garmin deals have been handpicked by our editors.

To take advantage of Amazon's time-limited Prime Day deals, you'll need to be member. Handily, you can sign up for a free trial Prime subscription. Just remember to stick a cancellation reminder in your phone before the 30 days are up, otherwise, you'll start automatically contributing $14.99 / £8.99 a month into Amazon's vast coffers.

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While the main focus is on Amazon, other big online retailers like Jenson USA, Competitive Cyclist, and Chainreaction Cycles haven't missed opportunity for a sale to go by them and are offering loads of discounted gear too.

Graham Cottingham
Senior reviews writer, Bike Perfect

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