Tifosi Optics launch the Sanctum sunglasses – plant-based shades ready for chilled gravel riding

Tifosi Optics Sanctum sunglasses
Tifosi Optics Sanctum sunglasses offer plenty versatile use (Image credit: Tifosi Optics)

Tifosi Optics has added a new full-coverage model to its sunglasses range. The Sanctum is the sport and lifestyle brand's single-shield sunglasses model, and looks like a versatile mix of style and functionality – perfect for gravel bike adventures and post-ride hangouts with friends after a day of MTB bike park shredding.

I've had a look over the details on the latest offering from Tifosi Optics, and even though the Sanctum's are a budget-friendly model, they have plenty of interesting features that can be found in some of the best MTB sunglasses.

Tifosi Optics Sanctum sunglasses on bike rider

The full-coverage on the Sanctum gives plenty eye protection (Image credit: Tifosi Optics)

Lightweight planet friendly frames

Planet-friendly production and manufacturing are a hot topic just now, and we see almost daily claims from brands aiming to reduce their carbon footprints and be seen to be 'doing their bit’ as far as saving the planet goes.

Tifosi makes a big deal about its sustainability impact. The Sanctum frames are manufactured using the brands Thrive Technology – a renewable plant-based bio-resin made from the natural oil of castor beans, which they claim eliminates the need for petroleum-based plastics. They also add this new demand for the beans creates jobs and lessens the economic reliance on fossil fuels. 

Tifosi Optics Sanctum sunglasses in blue

Planet-friendly claims are a hot topic and Tifosi Optics uses a renewable plant-based bio-resin to make the Sanctum (Image credit: Tifosi Optics)

Of course making and shipping sunglasses has an unavoidable negative impact on the environment. Tifosi says they offset this by purchasing credits that go toward projects including land purchases for the Heartland Ranch Nature Preserve and the Southern Plains Land Trust. 

Tifosi seems to be going in the right direction and its green credentials look to be covered – so back to the sunglasses themselves. They weigh in at claimed 26g which is fairly lightweight and pretty much matches up with the Shimano Twinspark – its budget-friendly model weighing in at 25.3g, also launched this week.

There are seven stock models to choose from, but the Sanctum sunglasses are also fully customizable, with a nifty online color selector that allows you to change everything from the frame, arms, and lens color to make your own unique sunglasses.

Lens Technology

Tifosi Optics Sanctum sunglasses in Crystal Red

Tifosi Optics say its lens technology has plenty eye-friendly features (Image credit: Tifosi Optics)

Having a quality lens can usually mean a more premium price. However, Tifosi Optics seems to buck the trend with what they claim is a top-performance lens that delivers a quality construction and a best-in-class sports optic.  It features a scratch-resistant, shatterproof polycarbonate lens, and 100 percent UVA/UVB protection. Elsewhere the lens has a Glare guard to reduce eye strain and it's also 'Optically Decentered' which eliminates distortion and magnification.

Pricing and availability 

Tifosi Optics Sanctum sunglasses in the seven color options

Tifosi Optics Sanctum sunglasses come in seven stock colors and with a fully customizable choice too (Image credit: Tifosi Optics)

The Tifosi Optics Sanctum sunglasses are available now directly from Tifosi and come in seven color choices – Crystal Red/Aqua/Crystal Smoke/Satan Clear/Gunmetal/Matte Black/Blackout priced at $34.95. The custom versions cost $44.95 and Tifosi offers free shipping on orders over $25. 

They also have a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer's defects, and a full range of small parts, allowing you to refresh arm pads, nose pads, and lenses. 

For more information please visit Tifosioptics.com.

Paul Brett
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