Urge Nimbus is a grown-up helmet for kids

Urge Nimbus kids helmet
The Urge Nimbus has big helmet design features and bright colors (Image credit: Urge)

Urge is bringing style, comfort, safety and sustainability to young trail riders

The French cycling safety brand has revealed its new junior trail helmet, delivering enhanced protection for the lower skull base.

Industrial designers at Urge have successfully shrunk the company’s Alltrail mountain bike helmet design, to a more appropriate size for younger riders. Urge is marketing its new Nimbus in a single size, with a 51-55cm helmet liner adjustment.

The helmet’s structure is conventional EPS foam, but its sourcing is rather different from most rival products. Urge has undergone a significant realignment in terms of its supply chain management, prioritizing sustainable materials from recycling vendors where possible.

Sustainable safety and style

The Nimbus helmet’s material composition delivers an impressive 80% recycling rate. The adjustment straps are recycled PET material, whilst the visor is repurposed ABS.

Featuring 13 vents and the comprehensive coverage that one would expect from a trail helmet, the Nimbus should run cool on sweltering singletrack rides.

Owing to its compact size, this Urge junior helmet weighs only 235g and is available in four colorways: black, turquoise, red and yellow.

As frame, tire and suspension brands are collaborating to produce progressively more capable kids mountain bikes, younger riders are venturing onto increasingly technical trails. Rolling more challenging terrain, they are at risk of bigger crashes.

With this latest Urge product release, parents can purchase a helmet that has similar protection and comfort attributes to their own. Thereby helping to increase the enjoyment and reduce the risk, of that enthusiastic junior rider in the family.

Urge has certified the Nimbus at CE 1078 standard crash testing.

Due for retail availability in December, Urge should confirm North American market pricing closer to its distribution date. The European market pricing is set at €55.

Lance Branquinho
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