Abus MoDrop QUIN helmet review – comfortable and well-vented enduro/trail lid

German brand Abus is from the security tech world but it has all the features you need in an extra protection lid on lockdown with the MoDrop MIPS QUIN

Abus MoDrop
(Image: © GuyKesTV)

BikePerfect Verdict

Optional MIPS protection in a finely fit, adjustable, reasonably well-vented, mid weight, mid price enduro/trail helmet.


  • +

    Reasonable cost

  • +

    Decent cooling

  • +

    Finely adjustable fit

  • +

    Optional MIPS system


  • -

    Non transferrable ‘QUIN’ system

  • -

    Peak is largely decorative

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Abus are better known for bike locks than helmets, but its new three strong MTB helmet range covers all riders from the full-face AirDrop enduro helmet to the Cliffhanger for faster/hotter trail/XC missions. The MoDrop MIPS QUIN is its extra protected lid for more challenging trails and it comes with a comprehensive range of safety and comfort boosting features.

Abus MoDrop

Extra rear depth increases the protection the MoDrop offers (Image credit: GuyKesTV)


The ‘Multi-Shell In-Mold’ design is composed of an upper main shell and slightly deeper than normal lower shell. This is in a contrast color on some options but mostly there for drop/accidental damage protection. The straps are mounted into the inside sides of the helmet rather than the lower edge or threading through the cradle. The tightening ‘straps’ for the separate rear cradle are actually part of the inner cradle that floats on the signature yellow rubber straps of the MIPS system. The rear section then tightens with a rear dial and a 17-point vertical Zoom Ace MTB ‘zip tie’ ladder for fine adjustment. There’s a big gap between cradle and helmet to feed your ponytail through if you’ve got one.

The MoDrop has less vents than the Cliffhanger, but the 14 squared off inlets are well supported on the inside. Two big central ribs and scooped out sections inside the vents put decent air space between the helmet and your head. The MIPS cradle has big open sections that align with the vents too. The front three vents have bug mesh built in too and the three pads have an antibacterial treatment. 

Typically for a modern trail helmet, the peak is a decent size but only just visible over the brim of the helmet. It then clicks another three positions up from that point so you can stick your goggles underneath. 'GoggFit' sculpting carves the sides of the peak away so they don't get in the way of the straps. There’s no matching strap guide on the back though. You do get a rubber-sealed hole in the back for the ‘QUIN’ Bluetooth impact reporting plugin. That’ll cost you an extra £60 and once it’s plugged in it can’t be switched between helmets which is annoying given the cost. Actual helmet price is OK though and you can get the MoDrop without the MIPS liner but more color options for $40 / £20 less. 

Abus MoDrop

The peak is a decent size and height adjustable so you can stick your goggles underneath (Image credit: GuyKesTV)


The strap mounts are close enough to the edge to make scooping the MoDrop on easy and if you’re patient the ‘TriVider’ strap separator can adjust position relative to your ears. For once the strap is a reasonable length so I could tuck it into the tidying loop for a flap-free fit without having to cut it down and melting the end on the kitchen stove. Three shell sizes and fine adjustment of the ‘Zoom Ace MTB’ cradle makes a secure fit easy to find too.

While high-speed air flow isn’t spectacular into or out of the helmet, the amount of space between my head and the helmet kept it cooler and less sweaty than I expected. That’s most obvious on slower, higher intensity rides which is ideal for a helmet that’s well shaped for grunt up, charge down gravity-based sessions. While the peak is of debatable practical value it doesn’t rattle or flap if you’re flat out and the whole helmet is free from any sort of irritation or noise while riding. While there’s room for a big pair of goggles under the peak the bug mesh means you’ll have to stick your glasses in the back vents, not the front, but you can always get a knife out if insect intrusion rarely bothers you. 

Abus MoDrop

Cutaway MIPS liner and internal ribs keep the MoDrop cooler inside than you'd think (Image credit: GuyKesTV)


The Abus MoDrop is an easy, secure and accurate fit whatever your hairstyle. It has better cooling than you might expect, particularly at low speeds/high intensities that suit the overall style and extra protected vibe. It’s a competitive weight and price too so it’s not a pain in the neck or the pocket. The non-switchable nature of the ‘QUIN’ system makes it seem expensive, but potentially still worth it if you ride alone a lot.

Tech specs: Abus MoDrop QUIN helmet

  • Price: $139.99 / £99.99 (MIPS), $99.99 / £79.99 (non MIPS)
  • Sizes: S 51-55cm, M 54-58cm, L 57-61 cm
  • Colors: Black, Gray (MIPS) Black, Blue, Green, Gray, Mint and Pink, White (Non MIPS) 
  • Weight: 360g (M) 
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