Does the Quoc Gran Tourer XC Lace shoe build on the award-winning success of its Boa fastening sibling?

UK brand Quoc has released its latest Gran Tourer shoe and we had a first look at its all-new off-road offering

Quoc GT Lace shoe side on
(Image: © Bartek Malysa)

Early Verdict

Quoc's brand-new Grand Tourer shoe has now evolved into a classic laced shoe. Could it be the ideal shoe for summer gravel riding?


  • +

    Laced shoe good looks

  • +

    Lots of durability features

  • +

    Chunky and grippy sole

  • +

    Easy walking performance

  • +

    Extra laces, spare arch inserts and stud replacements supplied


  • -

    There are cheaper equivalent alternatives

  • -

    Only one color

  • -

    Laced shoes may not be for everyone

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Quoc has a reputation for designing some of the best gravel shoes and mountain bike shoes around. Renowned for high-performance, durability and aesthetically pleasing off-road shoes, its Quoc Gran Tourer XC shoe received top marks when reviewed by our tester, Amy Perryman. Amy put them to the ultimate test over five days on one of the best gravel bike adventure rides – the Rapha Pennine Rally. She noted that "they delivered a flawless performance and were a perfect durable gravel shoe, superbly capable over multiple days and long distances".

Quoc has now launched its latest evolution of the Gran Tourer shoe – the Quoc Gran Tourer XC Lace. I must admit I haven't been a fan of laced riding shoes in the past and have always leaned toward Boa fastenings. However, with the launch of some stunning-looking examples of laced shoes like the very similar-looking Cafe du Cycliste Outlands and with our best overall gravel shoe also being a laced offering  – the Rapha Explore shoe, I'm slowly being converted.

Close up views of the new Quoc Gran Tourer XC Lace shoe

Double laced eyelets at the top and bottom of the shoe allow customizable tightness (Image credit: Bartek Malysa)

Quoc sent over shoes a pair of the new Gran Tourer XC Lace shoes and I will be putting their interesting colorway to another ultimate test – the currently very grim Scottish spring weather, but firstly I've had a look over the tech details of these new shoes to see what they are all about.

Design and specification

Quoc says the Gran Tourer XC Lace shoe is all about delivering high performance and has used leading-edge engineering and performance materials to deliver what it claims is "a tough and comfortable all-day off-road shoe".

Underneath, the sole features a carbon composite and an integrated TPU tread designed to deliver stiffness and efficiency, while the addition of a rubber toe cap is claimed to provide additional durability and protection for all-terrain riding. Quoc adds that the TPU tread is not 'ultra-soft' so should add to the durability of the shoe, but will still offer plenty of traction on slippery surfaces during those hike-a-bike moments.

The carbon footbed is compatible with a two-bolt cleat system and there is also the option to add two mud studs for extra grip, which Quoc has also supplied along with a handy stud key, three arch inserts for custom-fit, extra laces and a bag to store the shoes in.

Quoc GT Lace shoe

The one color choice may not be the best option for muddy riding (Image credit: Bartek Malysa)

Up top, the big point of interest is the addition of a laced fastening system which features what Quoc calls a 'double lock, anti-slip' lacing pattern. There are double lace eyelets at the top and bottom of the shoe that should allow for a customizable tightness for personal tightness across both feet. Inside is a not overly padded, gusseted tongue that they claim will evenly distribute pressure. There are padded inserts around the top of the heel that again on the first feel doesn't seem to be too padded so it will be interesting to see just how secure and comfortable the fit actually is.

The upper is made using the same abrasion-resistant synthetic microfibre (inherited from award-winning Gran Tourer) backed up with a mesh inner layer and plenty of small perforations for breathability. The upper is also wrapped with a claimed water-resistant TPU band that should also add to the abrasion protection. The entire shoe with the SPDs weighed in at 356g for an EU size 43. In comparison the Cafe du Cycliste Outlands weighed in at 430g and the Rapha Explore at 347g for the same size 43 shoe.

The sole of the new Quoc GT Lace shoe on pedal

The sole of the GT is chunky and should deliver plenty grip (Image credit: Bartek Malya)


Despite only a first ride and limited mileage to gauge performance so far, the Quoc Gran Tourer XC Lace feels like it is a very comfortable and well-designed off-road shoe. I'll be putting more riding time into them soon, with a full review to follow.

The Quoc Gran Tourer XC Lace shoes are available now from and are only currently available in the Chalk colorway sized from EU 37-48 priced at $290 / £220 / €260. 

Tech specs: Quoc Gran Tourer XC Lace 

  • Price: $290 / £220 / €260
  • Color: Chalk
  • Retention: Lace
  • Weight: 356g (EU43 tested)
  • Sizes: EU 37-48
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