Feedback Sports Reflex Fixed Torque Ratchet Kit review – versatile trail tool

Feedback Sport’s Reflex Ratchet kit is designed to take torque sensing workshop quality wrenching trailside

 (full kit including case)
(Image: © GuyKesTV)

BikePerfect Verdict

Feedback Sport’s Reflex Ratchet Kit is a genuine joy to use, but quality costs and you still need to add a chain breaker and other tools to create a comprehensive trail kit.


  • +

    Excellent solid feel

  • +

    Versatile T-bar or inline format

  • +

    High quality S2 steel bits

  • +

    Fixed torque adaptor

  • +

    Grippy knurling


  • -

    No 8mm Hex

  • -

    Torque adapter needs bedding in

  • -

    Inconsistent ratchet feel between tools

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Feedback Sports make some of the best work stands and other workshop and bike storage kit available and now they’re moving into trail tools too. The Reflex Ratchet kit puts a workshop quality, T-bar or inline format, fixed torque wrench into your pocket. It’s a real joy to use in some ways too, but not without glitches.

Feedback Sports Reflex Ratchet T Bar

The Reflex can be set up T-bar or inline style  (Image credit: GuyKesTV)

Design and build

The magnetic ratchet tool sits in an asymmetric 'T' handle with a small metal lever to toggle between clockwise and anti clockwise directions. Magnetic bit holders at either end of the handle let you use it inline ‘screwdriver’ style if you don’t need the ratchet function. Or you can stick the 25mm extender into one end and create a symmetrical T handle, or stick it into the long end for extra leverage. The kit also includes a barrel style torque limiter set to 5nm*. You then get 10 S2 stainless steel bits including 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm hex heads; T10 , T25 and T30 Torx and a 3mm flat screwdriver head. A zipped soft case with belt loop keeps everything clean and together when not in use too.

Tool being used in inline set up

Using the Reflex 'screwdriver style' means no ratchet but it's great for fast bolt tightening / loosening  (Image credit: GuyKesTV)


The Reflex Ratchet kit definitely benefits from the ‘chunky car door’ effect where more weight automatically equates to better quality in my brain. The magnetic clunk fit is satisfying strong and very close tolerance too, so the various extensions and bits feel super secure when slotted in place. While Feedback claim 6-degree engagement I measured it at 4 degrees which is really handy in tight spots where handle movement is limited. Being able to configure the tool in various T bar or inline formats also gives it an accessibility advantage over ‘penknife’ style trail tools. The soft case makes it more back pocket/internal storage friendly too. 

Having an 8mm hex would be a lot more useful (for emergency pedal tightening etc.) than a T30 head though. Even at 4 degrees the ratchet action on my sample also felt 'baggy', although other testers I've talked said their samples were fine.  The reassuringly hefty weight of the tool can work against it in some fiddly situations (especially in T-bar format), but being able to swap configurations for best of both 'speed/accuracy' and 'leverage/torque check' worlds is a definite win. 

*Like many 'mini' torque keys the adapter needs several clicks past it's limiter before it 'beds in' to an accurate reading. There's no warning about that anywhere though and as my sample started at 8nm you could potentially do some extensive damage if you trusted it from the start. 

Tool being used in T-Bar set up

Then you can go T-Bar for extra leverage (Image credit: GuyKesTV)


The Reflex Ratchet kit is a conveniently packaged and potentially lovely to use bit driver. The inconsistent ratchet feel between tools, potentially misleading initial torque limits and lack of an 8mm head are all disappointing though. 

Topeak’s Rocket Ratchet Lite kit gives you a chain tool and tire levers for just over half the price and Canyon's ratchet driver has less bits but offers CO2 inflator head and tubeless plugger perks.

We have revised the score and findings in this review from the original version that was published on 6 April 2023.

Tech specs: Feedback Sports Reflex Fixed Torque Ratchet Kit

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