Fizik Terra Ergolace X2 E-bike shoe review

Fizik’s new X2 shoe range addition is purpose designed for E-MTB riders. Is that really a thing and what does it mean when you ride them?

Fizik Terra Ergolace X2 E-bike shoes
(Image: © Guy Kesteven)

BikePerfect Verdict

Not as sticky as the gluiest flat shoes, but still well connected and a great pedaling sole with lightweight, durability, and weatherproofing balance that matches e-bike riding mechanics


  • +

    Decent flat pedal connection

  • +

    Extra pushing grip

  • +

    Enough pedal support for motor use

  • +

    Lightweight, tough, fast drying

  • +

    Ergolace works well

  • +

    Comfortable walking


  • -

    Slightly tight

  • -

    Not as connected as the stickiest flats

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Calling anything an E-bike-specific product always attracts a certain amount of flak for deliberately over categorizing or bandwagoning. That’s partly why Fizik’s UK distributor just calls this shoe the Ergolace X2 Flat not the Ergolace X2 E-bike like Fizik does on their site. But just like raised rear e-MTB saddles for seated power climbing, E-bike riders do need different things from some gear. This shoe is actually a great example of that, trading pedaling stiffness for extra off-bike traction and it’s definitely different from a standard ‘skate’ style flat pedal shoe.

Design and performance

The upper of the Ergolace X2 Flat/E-Bike is exactly the same as the Fizik X2 Terra Ergolace Trail Shoe. That includes grippy offset laces with a small capture loop and multi-panel ripstop fabric. This is further protected by a wraparound PU toe bumper and slotted (for flexibility) leatherette scuff panel along the outside edge. It’s light but naturally weather-resistant (and easily sprayed with DWR for extra waterproofing) and has proved impressively durable on the clipless shoes we’ve been using for over a year now. Fizik has deliberately kept the profile low bulk which can make them a bit ‘pinchy’ if you’ve got a particularly high or wide foot so potentially go up half a size when ordering. Otherwise, the ‘Ergolace’ fastening is hot-spot free, doesn’t loosen like a lot of ‘fastlace’ systems and the offset also helps keep the laces out of your chainring.

The EVA part of the sole is shared with the clipless shoe too, but rather than a nylon shank with cleat slots and a ‘bar’ style tread under the forefoot, the Flat/E-bike shoes get ranks of rectangles. That means the sole drops down from three to two on Fizik’s stiffness scale and they’re definitely soft when you put the power down. There’s still less ‘flop’ than a thin-soled ‘true flat’ shoe though and the tread and blend of Vibram rubber isn’t as ‘gluey’ on pedal pins as the stickiest Stealth shoes from Five Ten, or Bontrager's Vibram soled Flatline shoes. They’re still mid-pack in terms of consistent, trustworthy engagement rather than completely clattery or suddenly releasing if things get rough underfoot/wheel though. Significantly for their purpose, the tread pattern means you’ve got a lot more grip on the ground than a BMX style shoe for wrestling 25kg of beast up an unrideable climb while trying to engage walk mode, or just tripoding after a sudden stop.  


Some people will have seen 'E-bike shoe' in the title and ‘only come here for the comments’ but actually the on-bike/off-bike grip/stiffness balance and the low weight, relatively civilian looks, durability and fast-drying elements of this version of the X2 are spot-on for the huge amount of E-bikes we see being used for what would previously be called XC/Tour or even ‘All Mountain’ whatever that actually is. We’ve even been using our pair a lot off the bike for dog walking etc. which adds extra value and versatility. We’d stop short of agreeing with Fizik’s suitability for E-Enduro though as most aggressive riders will probably want the totally surefooted feel of a sticky DH/Flat shoe like Fizik’s new Gravita Tensor. 

Tech Specs: Fizik Terra Ergolace X2 E-bike

  • Colors: Black (tested) Grey/yellow
  • Sizing: EUR 36 - 48 with half sizes from 40.5 to 46.5
  • Weight: 686g (size 44)
  • Price:  $129.99 / £119.99 / €119.00
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