Lezyne Sport Gravel Floor Drive review – a mid-volume floor pump aimed at gravel riders

Does a pump really need to be gravel-specific? We have been putting Lezyne's Sport Gravel floor pump to the test to find out

Lezyne Sport Gravel Floor Drive review
(Image: © Graham Cottingham)

Bike Perfect Verdict

It's a big outlay for a pump but it works well and should continue working well for many years.


  • +

    Smooth pumping action

  • +

    Great middle ground for a wide range of tire sizes and pressures

  • +

    High-quality feel

  • +

    Secure screw-on head with valve core remover


  • -

    Chuck very occasionally unscrews the valve core

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Whether you are looking at Lezyne’s best bike pump or just a simple good quality pump to keep your tires topped up for years to come, Lezyne has a huge number of floor pumps that cover a whole host of use cases from the best mountain bike pumps to road and tubeless setup applications. 

Our testing explained

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Lezyne’s recent branch to gravel-specific pumps will probably have even the most dedicated gravel riders questioning whether a gravel-specific floor pump is valid, or if Lezyne is simply jumping on board a marketing buzz to sell more pumps.

The reality is that the mid-volume and 100psi max pressure is actually an extremely usable platform that easily covers everything from mountain bikes to road bikes well.

Lezyne Sport Gravel Floor Drive black handle

The wooden pump is a pleasing touch point (Image credit: Graham Cottingham)

Design and specifications

Lezyne has firmly targeted the gravel floor pump range at what it calls mid-volume tires. According to Lezyne that means anything between 32mm and larger which is a pretty open-ended spectrum.

There are three pumps in the gravel range. Two digital gauged units (one with full alloy construction at $109.99/£110, and the other is steel/composite at $84.99/£90) and the cheapest Sport model we have on test here. All the pumps in the range are claimed to offer the same +/- 0.5 psi accuracy and 100psi max pressure. Stealthy black wooden handles are features across the range and all the pumps are fitted with Lezyne’s simple but effective screw-on Tubeless Chuck too.

The Sport Gravel Floor pump has the same steel pump chamber and Composite Matrix base as the Digital Drive, but where they differ is the Sports analog gauge. The gauge is mounted to the base and features a contrast dial to help assist psi reading.

The Tubeless Chuck is similar to Lezyne’s premium ABS1 chuck that’s used on its best pumps. Compatible with both Presta and Schrader by unscrewing and flipping the head, the chuck screws onto the valve for a very secure connection. There is a tubeless valve core tool on the rear in case you want to remove the core when fitting tubeless tires, although you are probably better off with one of Lezyne's Overdrive models if this is something you do frequently. 

The hose is made from rubber and has a durable feel to it, measuring 122cm for plenty of length if you're working around a cluttered garage.

Lezyne Sport Gravel Floor Drive base and guage

The cheaper Composite Matrix base is still very sturdy (Image credit: Graham Cottingham)


The fact that tire pressures aren’t as polarized as they once were means the mid-volume tire target is a great balance if you are regularly pumping up a range of different tire sizes. Most gravel riders are likely to be running the best gravel bike tires between 30 and 40 psi which the pump can achieve with ease. To pump a 700x38mm tire to 40psi you are looking at around 22 pumps, and it only took us 14 pumps to get a 700x50mm tire to our desired 25psi.

It doesn’t feel like you are a child blowing up a balloon when it comes to MTB tires either, delivering enough air to get you out on the trail with 20psi in just 21 pumps, even with larger 2.4in tires. Considering that tubeless - and the lower pressures that come with it - is becoming more and more prevalent on the road, the max 100psi is more than enough to inflate your road tires as well. Just 17 to get upwards of 60psi into a 30mm road tire.

Lezyne Sport Gravel Floor Drive chuck

The screw on chuck fits securely to the valve (Image credit: Graham Cottingham)

The build quality feels great with its steady base and stiff structure. The wooden handle gives it a premium feel in use and the stained black handle with a negative space logo showing the wood below gives it a classy finish. A screw-on chuck isn't as fast as a press-on alternative, but I much prefer the security and durability of the threaded-on design. It did do its old Lezyne trick of unthreading the valve core and dumping all the air out once, which was annoying, but seemed to be a one-off, rather than a habit.

Lezyne Sport Gravel Floor Drive anolog guage

The analog guage measures in PSI and Bar (Image credit: Graham Cottingham)

My digital pressure gauge corroborates the analog dial which is easy to read, showing psi and Bar readings reasonably clearly. My only addition would be a marker that I could set to make it even easier to quickly inflate my tires to the desired pressure.


Making a floor pump as a gravel-specific tool seems a bit superfluous but actually, it's a great middle-ground for those who are looking for a pump to cover all bikes from road to mountain bike. It might be the cheapest in the range but it still features all the design and construction quality that you would expect from Lezyne.

Tech Specs:  Lezyne Sport Gravel floor pump

  • Price: $69.99 / £70
  • Max pressure: 100psi (7 bar)
  • Size: 67 x 22.5 x 20 cm
  • Weight: 1.53 kg
  • Colors: Black, Red
Graham Cottingham
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