Louri Huck frame strap review – quality straps in masses of colors

Louri Huck frame and saddle straps come in lots of sizes and colors but are they worth the extra money from a performance point of view?

Louri Huck strap attached to a saddle
(Image: © GuyKesTV)

Bike Perfect Verdict

Not the cheapest, but a free dry bag plus multiple size and color/design options and super durable handmade in the UK quality make the Louri strap range a great solution for packless riding.


  • +

    Loads of colors and sizes

  • +

    Secure, stable and grippy

  • +

    Bombproof UK handmade construction

  • +

    Free dry bag offer on some straps


  • -

    Not the cheapest

  • -

    'Gold Stanchion' is much paler than Kashima

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From e-MTB to gravel and everything in between, whatever kind of bike you ride a storage strap is a handy way to stash essentials to your bike – particularity if MTB backpacks or hip packs are not for you. Louri’s ‘Huck’ range follows a familiar format to most other storage strap options available and they’re at the pricier end of the spectrum. But they’'re produced in the UK to a really high standard, come in a ton of colors and three different lengths – so you can lash on your essential kit without color clashing with your bike.

Louri huck strap

Louri's Huck straps are handmade in the UK with bombproof attention to detail (Image credit: GuyKesTV)


Louri have gone deep on material and construction quality. The thick webbing strap uses ‘faux leather’ reinforcing/grip sections and the elastic loops are secured with hidden bar tack stitching. The fastening is aggressive ‘hook to hook’ rather than ‘hook to fluff’ and all the straps are handmade in the UK. There are 27 colorways in the 61cm long, $32.03 / £19.99 ‘Enduro’ strap including the ‘Gold Stanchion’ hued strap here (although it's too pale to match Kashima forks/shocks).

The 37cm long, $21.88 / £17.99 XC strap comes in 24 colors plus an extra jazzy ‘Diddy’ kids option. There’s an 85cm, $26.48 / £22.99 e-bike option in three colors too. While you can certainly get cheaper straps, Louri are currently adding a free one liter roll top ‘Keep it Dry’ bag (normally $9.20 / £7.99) to every XC and Enduro strap order.

Louri huck strap

Louri's range extends from 37 to 85cm and with up to 27 colours/designs on the 61cm Enduro strap (Image credit: GuyKesTV)


The ability to choose the right length for your load point certainly gets things off to a good start. I've used the XC on road/gravel bikes, skinny tubed MTBs and under saddles, while the Enduro has happily wrapped round bigger down tubes and bulky light batteries etc. The elastic loops will hold anything from a single tube (or two road tubes) to a mix of tubes, tools and snacks (the dry bag comes in really handy here), or even a full water bottle.

Presuming you wrap it round right (there’s an instruction video on the Louri site), whatever cargo you’ve looped it round stays secure and stable. The rubberized strap sections and elastic covers protect paint and stop slippage. The ‘Velcro’ hasn’t loosened or peeled, however filthy its got, and the hooped turn back buckle seems to keep things more secure than a flat one too. The reinforced strap ends and extended tabs make it easy to thread through and then peel back off too.

The straps have come up super clean after filthy use, there are zero signs of wear or tiredness on samples I’ve been using for years (when they had a different name) and they’re jet wash proof too.

Louri huck strap

Louri are offering a free dry bag with every XC or Enduro strap at the time of going to press (Image credit: GuyKesTV)


Tons of colours/patterns from stealthy to funky. A run of ranges for different mount points/bikes. Really secure, durable and stable in use, washable and bombproof long term, handmade in the UK. And a free dry bag at the moment too. Yes you could buy cheaper but there are lots of reasons why Louri’s Huck straps should still be on your shopping list. 

Tech specs: Louri Huck frame strap

  • Price: $21.88 to $26.48 / £17.99 to £22.99 / €21.89 to €23.04 (depending on size)
  • Sizes: 37, 61, 85cm
  • Options: XC, Diddy, Enduro, E-bike
  • Weight: 41g (Huck strap tested)
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