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Mavic Deemax MIPS helmet review

It might be DH tagged but Mavic’s lightweight, secure-fitting, safety boosted helmet is a well-sorted trail all-rounder for the ups and the downs

Mavic Deemax MIPS helmet
(Image: © Guy Kesteven)

Our Verdict

Instantly comfortable and secure fit with decent venting and enhanced material and MIPS safety makes the Deemax a damn good all-rounder if you don’t need a big beak


  • Excellent instant fit
  • ‘AUTOFIT’ straps
  • Relatively light
  • Decent low-speed venting
  • MIPS protection
  • Enhanced EPS construction


  • Short, fixed peak
  • Limited fast airflow
  • No lower hardshell

Deemax has traditionally been the DH range of French brand Mavic, but this helmet is more trail than gravity oriented. Short, non-adjustable peak and exposed underside are below par for the price but instantly comfortable, secure fit, enhanced safety and acceptable ventilation make it good all-rounder to wear.

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Based on a distinctive slightly teardrop mould that’s widest over the temples, the Deemax fitted a wide range of test heads extremely well before we snugged up the dial adjusted cradle. The AUTOFIT straps use a thick cord rather than wide strap so there are no flap or twist worries. Small curved plastic mounts for the low straps also adjust for angle automatically so fit is great there too. The helmet drops low behind the ears for extra coverage but it’s still relatively light. The EPS 4D material used for the body of the helmet comes with a claimed 30% impact absorption over standard EPS. You get a full MIPS slip liner to reduce G forces on your grey matter in an impact.

The multiple 3D, 37.5 material pads inside the liner apparently have ‘active particles’ that draw heat and sweat away from your head and five times faster than conventional poly pads. 14 wide, vents over the crown and five exhaust vents radiate heat well at lower speeds. 

Internal channelling is very limited so there’s no ‘ramjet’ effect at higher speeds. The visor is also a short, relatively narrow fixed position piece which offers limited protection and can’t be hooked up to fit goggles underneath. The new Deemax Pro has a full feature peak but also costs $49/£40/€45 more There’s no hardshell coverage on the lower edge of the helmet either so it can pick up cosmetic dents and scratches easily.

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Mavic Deemax MIPS helmet

The peak is basic and non-adjustable (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)
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Mavic Deemax MIPS helmet

Despite the helmets extra coverage it still manages to keep weight down (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)
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Mavic Deemax MIPS helmet

The cord straps don't suffer from twisting (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)
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Mavic Deemax MIPS helmet

The lack of channeling limits ventilation (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)


The short, fixed peak and unprotected underside reduce it’s score slightly at this price, and high-speed airflow is poor. Instantly excellent fit for a wide range of riders plus enhanced material and MIPS protection mean it’s still definitely worth trying on for trail and/or enduro use.

Tech spec: Mavic Deemax MIPS helmet  

  • Weight: 333g (Large)
  • Colours: Olive green, burgundy, french blue, black, white
  • Price: $138 / £115 / €125
Guy Kesteven

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