Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plug review – hidden tire repair kit

The Stealth plug set is well-finished and looks like a great idea, but can be fiddly, and they limit your choice of grips

Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plug parts on a log
(Image: © Neal Hunt)

Bike Perfect Verdict

It is a good idea in theory, but limited grip options, difficulties getting them out of the bar and a fiddly tubeless plug tool limit appeal.


  • +

    Very nicely finished

  • +

    Available in multiple colors

  • +

    Always on the bike

  • +

    Comes with 15 repair strips


  • -

    Fiddly to remove from the bar

  • -

    Limited compatible grip options

  • -

    The claw tool can pull plugs out

  • -

    Premium price

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Getting a puncture is a pain we all have to deal with at some point on the trail – even with the best tubeless tires. There are few things worse than realizing you've left your repair kit at home, or sat in the van and having to walk back. Muc Off’s Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plug repair kit aims to stop that by storing all you need to repair your tubeless mountain bike tires inside your handlebars.

Muc-Off tubeless plugs on a log

My test sample came in bright pink, but nine other anodized colors are available (Image credit: Neal Hunt)

Design and specifications

The Stealth tool comes in a range of ten colors, and I had the bright pink version on test. The kit comprises two sections that sit in the end of your handlebars. They are supplied with three different diameter bungs to fine-tune the fit and are tightened using a 4mm hex (Allen) key to secure them in place.

One side of the kit holds the claw for pushing the supplied strips into the tire, and the other contains a serrated knife so you can trim off any excess after you've repaired the hole. The alloy capsules are well-finished, and you can easily store extra strips on each side. 15 strips are supplied in three widths (17mm, 19mm and 21mm) that should cover most trailside puncture issues.


A bike fitted with Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plug

Rattle free yes, but I needed to use my multitool to prise out the plug once I'd loosened the 4mm retaining bolt (Image credit: Neal Hunt)

Fitting was straightforward enough, with a bit of trial and error trying the different-sized rubber rings to get a snug fit in my Race Face handlebar. I went with seven repair strips installed in a variety of sizes, which I fitted across both pods.

The claw section is a straight design, which works ok, but in my experience, a hooked version like the one found on Peatys Holeshot or a metal-tipped plug like Dynaplugs megapill works much better in practice. Muc-Off’s version is too narrow between the claws which often means you pull the strip out instead of leaving it in place. This would be passable on a budget item, but at $54.99 /£45.00 / €55.99, it's a bit disappointing.

Although fitting the plugs into the bars was easy, removing them was not. They fit snugly without rattling, but I needed to use a multi-tool to prize the plug out of the bar. I did try different rubbers to check to see if that was any easier, but sadly not. So, although it is handy to use your handlebar for storage, it was a bit of a faff and more time-consuming than keeping them in a frame storage device or a frame-mounted option like Peatys Holdfast.

The bar end design also limits your choice of grip. All of my favorites from ODI, DMR, and PNW use closed ends with a single clamp. You could cut your grip down, but this will look messy and not something I was prepared to do, considering good grips aren't exactly cheap anymore.


Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plugs are a good idea in theory, and although very well finished, they fell short when it came to actual use. There are fundamental tubeless repair issues from the straight claw, difficulties in removing on the trail and limitations on what grips I could use. Unfortunately, the plugs are not something I would continue to use after testing.

Tech specs: Muc-Off Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plug

  • Price: $54.99 /£45.00 / €55.99
  • Dimensions: 90mm x 23/16mm
  • Colors: Matt Black, Orange, Green, Purple, Red, Blue, Gold, Pink, Silver, Iridescent, Grey, Turquoise
  • Weight: 67g (with repair strips fitted)
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