Peaty’s HoldFast Trail Tool Wrap review – not just another enduro strap

The clever two-step strap fitting and well-thought-out storage capacity make this a must-have trail accessory

Peaty’s Holdfast Tool Wrap attached to bike frame
(Image: © Neal Hunt)

Bike Perfect Verdict

It's a solid, no-nonsense piece of kit that's easy to fit, works well in use, and has a high-quality feel. You can see they've paid a lot of attention to details that matter on the trail.


  • +

    Easy to fit

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    Very secure

  • +

    Goldilocks amount of storage space

  • +

    Very well made

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    Good use of materials


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    Some may want more storage space

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We all need to carry a few key mountain bike essentials when out on the trails, and for those that don't have some fancy inbuilt storage or dislike wearing a mountain bike backpack, the HoldFast Trail Tool Wrap from Peaty's could be just what you're looking for.

The HoldFast is the latest accessory from the brand and is an evolution of the classic enduro strap idea, where you attach key items like inner tubes, multi-tools, and CO2 inflators to your frame with either tape or a specific strap. These work OK, but leaving your expensive multitool out in the elements means it'll not be much use when you actually need it, and if it's not attached securely, it can move and rattle, causing damage to your paintwork.

Peaty’s Holdfast Tool Wrap

The HoldFast is a tool pouch with a wrap – the rubber-backed section means it stayed snugly in place at all times (Image credit: Neal Hunt)

Design and specifications

Peaty's version uses a simple but very clever two-step mounting method. Firstly you wrap the rubber-backed strap tightly around whichever frame tube you want, then once tight, you wrap the rest of the strap around the water-resistant tool pouch. As the first part of the mounting process is separate, you can access your tools without removing the strap entirely, which means it should always be secure and is also very quick to remove and remount.

The strap has a soft rubber backing that's designed to grip the frame tube (or seatpost) and mud and water-resistant velcro for securing it in place as well as holding on to the tool pouch. The strap has plenty of length, mainly to give you the option of carrying an extra inner tube with you if you have enough space. The outer is a tough-feeling material that comes in three colors, with the logo in a reflective print.

Hand holding open Peaty's Holdfast Trail Tool Wrap

The pouch was just the right size for all the bits I like to carry on rides (Image credit: Neal Hunt)

The storage section is made from a waterproof material with welded seams, which will keep the worst of the weather out. There's also a small zipped stash compartment for keeping small items like a key, cash, or spare links. The guys at Peaty's have said they have tested many different sizes, and the one they have used gave the best balance of storage space and overall size to ensure it can fit in the often overcrowded space inside your frame, especially on full-suspension frames.

Peaty's HoldFast Trail Tool Wrap on a bike frame

Being able to hang the pouch whilst working on your bike proved to be very useful (Image credit: Neal Hunt)


Once you've fitted the wrap, it's clear that the guys from Peaty's have paid attention to the details and have designed a product that does exactly what it should do in a simple, no-fuss manner. The setup is simple and secure, and the strap has plenty of length, which means you can get plenty of leverage when pulling it tight, and the grippy velcro makes securing it in place very easy. 

The storage pouch has been designed to accommodate a Holeshot CO2 inflator, multitool, tire levers, and a few other key essentials. I packed all of these, as well as my keys, a Dynaplug tubeless repair stick, and a spare CO2 canister which all fitted easily. I found it helpful to roll the bag as tight as I could once I'd finished using it, as this helps keep the overall size down. 

I like to travel light on rides and found the size to be great for me, a real Goldilocks option, not too big or too small. In fact, the smaller size makes you evaluate what you actually need to carry as opposed to what you can fit. If you are the kind of rider who likes to pack for every possible eventuality on every ride, then a backpack or waist pack with more capacity might be a better idea.

Peaty’s Holdfast Trail Tool Wrap attached to a bike frame

The Trail Tool Wrap stayed securely in place throughout testing (Image credit: Neal Hunt)

Once in place, it is very secure, I fitted it to three different bikes and rode everything from smooth gravel rides to steep, wet technical trails. It's been unseasonably wet here in the UK recently, and wet rides combined with the gritty nature of my local Peak District trails usually means anything strapped down on your bike is a recipe for unsightly scratches, but in this case, I can happily say no such damage occurred.

As the velcro strap stays in place, you can hang the pouch from it, which I found very helpful. There's nothing worse than dropping a spare part or your tools on the trail when you are working on something fiddly, and keeping it hanging open whilst you're working was a big advantage.

Over the test period, it has worked faultlessly, and the ability to switch from one bike to another quickly and easily has been a real blessing. It is great knowing you have all your essentials ready to go on whatever bike you decide to ride.

Peaty's Holdfast Trail Tool Wrap on bike frame

The reflective logos look neat and show no signs of wear despite plenty of wet rides (Image credit: Neal Hunt)


I found the HoldFast to be secure, simple to fit, hard-wearing, and just the right size for the tools and kit I like to take on trail and gravel rides. Peaty's has clearly spent a lot of time focusing on the details that actually matter on the trail, which has led to a great product that fits lots of different frame shapes and types and is now my go-to method for carrying the essentials.

Hands holding Peaty's Holdfast Trail Tool Wrap with inner zip pocket on show

The zipped inner stash pocket is perfect for cash, a key or chain links (Image credit: Neal Hunt)

Tech specs: Peaty’s Holdfast Trail Tool Wrap

  • Price: $44.99 / £34.99 / €39.99 
  • Weight: 87g 
  • Colors: Nightrider Black, Slate Gray, Moss Green
  • Size: Adjustable, one size fits all strap
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