Peaty’s Link Lube Wet review

How good is the bad weather lube from the UK DH legend?

Peaty’s Link Lube Wet review
(Image: © Guy Kesteven)

Bike Perfect Verdict

It goes on and shifts like a light oil, but lasts and stays clean like a wax. You'll get a best of both worlds investment in filthy weather efficiency and protection, but it won't come cheap.


  • +

    Smooth, clean running

  • +

    Extended protection

  • +

    Not too sticky

  • +

    Biodegradable and PTFE-free

  • +

    Excellent bottle


  • -

    Not the longest-lasting

  • -

    Premium price

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Peaty’s produces a range of Link Lubes for all riding conditions but unsurprisingly ‘Wet’ is the best bike chain lube for the filthiest conditions.

In a world with so many lubes to choose from it’s only fair to toast brands who try and make things a bit more fun and different right from the start. In which case cheers to Peaty’s for adding a hint of whisky laced ‘Irish coffee’ scent to the lube, although to be honest you probably wouldn’t guess what it was until you were told.


Anyway, the other good news about Link Lube Wet is that there is not some protracted ‘summoning demons from the seventh circle of hell’ process to putting it on. The ‘tapered valve’ bottle nozzle is great for tuning flow rates so it’s not going everywhere but you’re not spinning the chain round several times either. A good shake to mix up the various elements is absolutely crucial and it certainly works better if you thoroughly clean the chain, rinse it and then apply. 

However, one of our favorite things about Peaty’s Link Lube family is that it does a decent job of getting into the depths of the chain and somehow sucking the filth out anyway, so topping up without cleaning works OK too. That does mean wiping the excess off after ten minutes isn’t a ‘waste of expensive lube’ as some people seem to think as it gets rid of exhumed filth and also stops the chain from collecting more straight away. There’s no overnight wait or take it off and soak it in a tank setup faff like some waxes though, so once it’s wiped you’re good to go. Both Link Lube Dry and the Wet option here, are free from toxic fluorocarbons (such as the often used PTFE) and fully biodegradable too.

Peaty’s Link Lube Wet review

The nozzle allows easy control when applying the lube to your chain (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)


There’s still clearly plenty of wax in the mix, as it gives an impressively quiet ‘new transmission’ feel even when you’re properly grinding through sticky slop. Increased wax content over Peaty’s Link Lube All Weather means it shrugs off puddles, rain, stream crossings, etc. for as long as you’re happy to fight the conditions. It can even handle the extra torque of an e-bike without squealing or chattering well into the second battery even on ‘wet enough for a waterproof onesie’ sessions. 

It’s not so sticky and solid that it gums up the chain, rings and cassette either, so while there are some ‘heavier’ lubes that last longer before getting noisy, shifts and drive feel stay cleaner, more precise and reliable while it does hang in there. That’s particularly noticeable on 12-speed setups with their finer cog and chain tolerances.

Given how expensive replacement components can be if a mech hangs up and gets dragged into the spokes, a chain snaps or twists, or they just wear out that makes the higher cost compared to simpler, stickier lubes are well worth paying for if you’re running premium gear. It also means a quick and easy clean and re-lube ready for the next round of climate combat so you’ll be in the shower sooner yourself rather than trying to poke an abrasive tar mix out of your nooks, crannies and jockey wheels with a stick as your feet freeze.

It’s not quite as clean and fast running as the All Weather mix though, so if dark clouds generally put you back on the couch rather than grabbing a coat and getting on with it, then you could probably stick with that.  

Peaty’s Link Lube Wet review

For long rides in the wettest conditions (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)


‘Whisky’ aroma, great bottle and easy application are wins straight away but LinkLube Wet is also a great performance/protection balance. It’s tenacious enough to keep things smooth and quiet in properly horrible/high load conditions for significantly longer than most but without the normal grimy, gummed up, sketchy shift side effects. That makes it well worth the extra cost if you’re running a premium kit and want to keep it feeling good and staying fresh right through winter and sodden days beyond. 

  • Price: $4.50 / £2.99, $12.00 / £7.99, $18.00 / £11.99
  • Sizes: 15ml, 60ml, 120ml
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