Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD Bike Repair Stand review – heavy-duty e-MTB compatible work stand

The legendary Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic work stand has been bulked up to handle heavier bikes with ease

Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD Workstand and bag
(Image: © GuyKesTV)

BikePerfect Verdict

The HD takes the Ultimate portable performance work stand and makes it faster and easier to use even on the heaviest E-bikes and other chunky cycles. The Pro Mechanic is enough for most bikes though


  • +

    Ultra stable even with heavyweight bikes

  • +

    Unique instant grab and release clamp

  • +

    Faster acting adjusters

  • +

    Super smooth action and ultra-durable quality

  • +

    Big range of accessories and tough travel bag


  • -

    High price but it’ll likely last for decades

  • -

    $100 cheaper Pro Mechanic handles conventional bikes fine

  • -

    Some accessories don’t fit yet

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The instantly recognizable red anodized (they only did a Rasta version once) pipes of this work stand have been a signature look since the first Ultimate work stands. Feedback Sports have kept the stand-out aesthetic while gradually evolving the Pro Mechanic Workstand (and its siblings and an increasing range of accessories, event racks, and rollers) to keep them the go-to choice for top teams and amateur wrenchers. The updated Pro is still the best choice for most users, but if you’re working on heavyweight bikes then the HD is brilliant.

Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD Workstand tripod base

Oversized alloy tubes and ribbed locking arms make for a super secure base even with the heaviest bikes (Image credit: GuyKesTV)


The HD version of the Pro Workstand follows the classic tripod design, but the additional support struts are now ribbed for extra stiffness. You get big replaceable rubber feet for grip on slippery floors too. The 6061 T6 alloy tubes have been upsized to make it 145 percent stiffer than the previous Pro Elite. The telescopic pipes are secured with suitably oversized quick-release cam clamps and it’s now rated to handle 45.5kg (100lb) max weight bikes. 

The 'Speed Ratchet' clamp jaws open wider to handle 66mm (2.6in) tubes and the clutch now has 45 percent more rotational grip. While the signature big red slap button is still the fastest way to open and close the clamp, the clamp adjuster now gets a bigger, faster action crank handle. The locking spinner for the head unit is bigger and faster operating too. The rubber jaw pads are replaceable so they can be made soft enough for gripping securely without damaging paint or other delicate finishes. The upper shaft extends above the clamp so you can add a wheel truing stand and/or loop the handle of the Feedback Sports Team Edition Tool Kit over the top. There’s also a magnetic tool strip on the side of the clamp section too.

Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD bike clamp

The unique Feedback Sports 'Speed Ratchet clamp gets a crank handle upgrade for faster adjustment  (Image credit: GuyKesTV)


Despite the extra wide stance, oversized tubes, and chunky forgings the stand still only weighs 8kg and packs down more compactly than you’d expect. There’s an optional heavy-duty carry bag for $42 / £55 with an exceptionally silky zip and offset handles so it hangs level from your hand. Flip open the massive QR cams and the legs deploy smoothly and the tripod format means zero wobble on uneven ground. The telescopic main shaft lets you set the working height exactly where you want from the floor. 

As the tubes are round you can rotate the head around in relation to the legs so it suits your working space too. The head unfolds easily and then locks into place very securely when you spin up the big tri-lobe locking handle. The bike clamp shunts almost shut on a ratchet, then the fast cranking handle tightens it up securely and you’re good to go. Apart from a couple of glitches when the ratchet didn’t engage first time the Pro Mechanic HD has been fantastic to use and it holds enduro e-bikes and even MTB tandems without any worry. 

The only warning I would give largely relates to my own stupidity as if you’re stood too close when you slap the side release button it can fire it fast enough to smack you in the mouth. Back off the clamp tension slightly with the crank handle before releasing though and it’s a lot more gentle.

Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD head clamp

The big forged tri lobe locking handle works faster than before and you get a magnetic tool holder on the side (Image credit: GuyKesTV)


With its super stable stance, reinforced clutch and fast-grabbing bike clamp Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD Workstand is the ultimate portable work stand if you want to work on the heaviest bikes without any worries. The high cost is fair enough when you realize it’ll likely last you several decades of hard work. The standard Pro Mechanic is sturdy and stable enough for most bikes at a significantly lighter weight and lower cost though.

Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD holding a tandem

The HD can handle bikes up to 45.5kg (100lbs) safely and securely but still folds up for easy portability (Image credit: GuyKesTV)

Tech specs: Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD Workstand

  • Price: $495 / £540 
  • Size: 13 x 21 x 115cm
  • Weight: 8kg
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