Renthal Lock-On Grip Ultratacky review – superlative levels of grip and comfort

The Ultratacky offers outstanding levels of grip and control for all conditions

Renthal bike grips on mossy wall
(Image: © James Blackwell)

BikePerfect Verdict

They look great, feel fantastic and provide top levels of control. They do wear quicker than some other brands, but the grip is next level.


  • +

    Super-grippy compound

  • +

    Good vibration absorption

  • +

    Amazing feel without gloves

  • +

    Grippy when wet

  • +

    Easy to reactivate the grip by washing


  • -

    At the more costly end of the scale

  • -

    Wear quickly

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Renthal’s handlebar and stem combos have garnered legendary status over the years with its cool-looking gold bars adorning many of the world’s top pros' bikes. Its wide range of MTB grips are available in six different compounds to suit all tastes. I’ve tested the ultimate in grip – the G195 Lock-On Ultratacky version which is the go-to model for the majority of Renthal’s pro team riders. 

Close up detail of the knurled pattern on bike grip

The close knurled pattern works well, and you’ll see a similar pattern used by ODI on its Ruffian and on Hope Tech’s Lock-on (Image credit: James Blackwell)

Design and specifications

The fine diamond pattern wraps around the whole grip – similar to ODI’s Ruffian grip, with the body of the grip flaring slightly at each end. Twin lock-on collars are CNC-machined from 6082 T6 aluminum and bonded onto the body of the grip for a fully-integrated build. Measuring 130mm in length with a 110mm grip section and reasonable low-profile 30.5mm outer diameterm they fitted my medium-sized hands perfectly. The compound is Renthal’s stickiest Ultratacky compound which is both unique, exclusive to Renthal and a joy to use, especially if you ride without gloves.

Bike grip on handlebar showing wear

After a fair few months of hard riding the grips show wear, but it’s that good, bedded-in kind of wear (Image credit: James Blackwell)


Next level grip is the MO of the Ultratacky and it’s insane. I love to ride gloveless when possible, and that’s when I could really feel the grip on offer. To say they’re tacky is an understatement. On longer, rougher descents I could feel the benefit of the gummy soft compound, not needing to hold on so tightly and reducing fatigue. Shock absorption is also really impressive, but for the ultimate in luxury grip, I’ve been running the Super Comfort model on a full-fat e-bike. 

The bonded construction pays dividends in the wet with no movement at all and riding with or without gloves the grip has always been fantastic, never feeling slippery or inducing the dreaded throttle-effect.

With a lot of riding they do start to wear quite quickly though, with the grip level dipping only a little, mostly when caked in dust. That was easily remedied by giving them a quick rinse with fresh water and letting them dry – it actually works and can be done on the trail. 

A pair of bike grips on a mossy wall

A nice fresh pair, all black and tacky (Image credit: James Blackwell)


As your handlebar grips are probably the most important point of contact you’ll want the best, and you’d be hard pushed to find a better, grippier grip. But if you ride a lot, you may wear them out quicker than you like, and given the price it’s something you’ll have to weigh up.

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The lowdown: Renthal Lock-On Grip Ultratacky
GripThe stickiest, grippiest on the market★★★★★
WearThe soft compound wears fast★★★
ComfortSuper comfortable★★★★★
Value for moneyA little pricey★★★★

Tech specs: Renthal Lock-On Grip Ultratacky 

  • Price: $44 / £34.96 / €41
  • Length: 130mm
  • Grip section: 110mm
  • Outer diameter: 30.5mm
  • Weight: 121g
  • Rival products: ODI Ruffian, Hope Tech Lock-on grips
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