Syncros Tailor IS 2.0HV bottle cage, tool, and pump review

On-bike storage is a hot category right now, and this Syncros bottle cage, tool and pump combo is a really neat solution

Syncros bottle cage
(Image: © Guy Kesteven)

BikePerfect Verdict

Convenient, comprehensive, good quality trail tool/pump combination in a secure, easy-access bottle cage as long as you don’t mind the asymmetric offset


  • +

    Secure side-access bottle cage

  • +

    Comprehensive, quality tool

  • +

    Magnetic chain link holder

  • +

    Decent high volume MTB pump

  • +

    Reasonable price


  • -

    Offset might upset some

  • -

    No tubeless plug tool

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Syncros is the accessories sidearm of Scott bikes and it's been offering combined tool and bottle cages for a while. This Tailor IS setup is a particularly neat combo that suits a lot of more congested frames. 

First impressions are a little twisted as the bottle cage is offset rotationally from where you’d expect. The multitool has been moved to the side of the mount bolts, which means it doesn’t add any height to the combo and that can make all the difference if you’re working with limited space. It does mean the bottle is offset though, which looks a little odd when you’re looking down from above but it works fine and we never had clearance issues even with bulky calves. 

It’s a side-loading cage, which helps with getting your bottle in and out on a limited space frame.

Syncros Tailor IS multi-tool

While a lot of combo cages come supplied with a limited function multi-tool, the Tailor IS gets a full 19-function piece. There’s a full spec list in the deck below, but the real wins are an 8mm hex wrench for pedals and a proper chain tool backed up with neat magnetic spare link holders on the tool body. There’s a disc pad wedge to force your pads apart when they accidentally get squeezed together in transit, and there’s a valve core remover for degunking tubeless valves or topping up sealant. The only obvious thing it’s missing is a tire plug insertion tool, but there are plenty of standalone options there, whereas lightweight chain tools are a relative rarity.

As long as you fit the tool the right way round (it’s obvious if you don’t) it sits quietly alongside the bottle rattle-free, but ready to pop out within seconds when needed. It’s also lighter than the old “Matchbox” cages which used a full tool ‘garage’.

Syncros bottle cage

The side entry bottle cage can be mounted either way and neatly holds the pump and tool (Image credit: Guy Kesteven)

Syncros Boundary 2.0HV pump

While you can get the Tailor IS tool and cage separately for £49.99, the 2.0HV combo adds the Boundary 2.0HV pump of the same name for an extra £15, saving you £2.99 over the separate pieces. The clip adds a couple of millimeters to the whole setup, but the pump itself is offset (again) under the tool so it clears even relatively boxy down tubes. It’s a really well-designed pump, starting with a cunning valve-tightening lever that wraps right over to protect the end of the reversible valve head.

 The high-volume cylinder gives a 67cc stroke for getting air in fast (perfect if you’re trying to stop a semi-deflated tubeless tire from falling off the rim). While the quoted 70psi max is probably optimistic for the arms of most cyclists, it’ll get up to half that (which is more than most tires need) quickly without bursting your forearms. 

The broad anodized shaft stops it from flexing and binding in use, and if you’re worried about putting too much pumping pressure on the valve, the head actually pulls out on the end of a short hose. A broad rubber strap locks the pump into the side clips and again there’s no irritating rattling in use.


The lopsided look might bother some people but if you’re fine with that, the Syncros Tailor IS bundle is a great way to get all your essential mechanical and pneumatic tools on board with your bottle, even if you’ve got limited frame space. It’s a reasonable price and cheaper than buying all the elements separately.

Tech Specs: Syncros Tailor IS 2.0HV bottle cage, tool, and pump

  • Price: $69.99 / £64.99
  • Weight: 170g (cage with tool) 105g (pump)
  • Tools: 2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8mm Allen key, Phillips 2 and flat head screwdrivers, T10, T20, T25 and T30 Torx keys, chain tool, disc pad wedge, spoke key, 3.22/3.45/Mavic M7 spoke wrenches, magnetic chain link holder, valve core remover
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