Wizard Works Go-Go Top Tube Bag review – stable, stylish and spacious

In signature Wizard Works style, the Go-Go Top Tube Bag is available in a range of customisable options of bold colors, different sizes and functional design

Wizard Works Go-Go Top Tube Bag
(Image: © Vedangi Kulkarni)

BikePerfect Verdict

Be it snacks or your phone, the Go-Go Top Tube Bag in size large is the perfect option for keeping your stuff safe and easy to access on the move.


  • +

    Available in multiple sizes

  • +

    A stable and sharp shape that doesn’t move

  • +

    Zipper is easy to use on the go

  • +

    Cable port

  • +

    Available in bold colours


  • -

    Not guaranteed waterproof

  • -

    Velcro top tube straps are too long

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Wizard Works is an ethical bikepacking bag manufacturer based in London. Its bags are made out of durable material and come in bold colors. The brains behind this brand, Harry and Veronica, have set the benchmark high for making colorful yet functional bikepacking gear. The Go-Go Top Tube Bag was listed as one of the best bikepacking bags for that very reason. 

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Available in multiple sizes and a variety of beautiful colors, the Go-Go Top Tube Bag gives you loads of choices to make it suitable for your needs. In fact, you can also customize the design, size and colors of the bag further. The non-customized options sit between £57 and £70 ($69-$84), depending on the size. The option to customize online will bump the price up, costing you between £67 and £80 ($81-$96). These are slightly higher end prices when it comes to top tube bags. Read further to find out if it’s worth the price.

Wizard Works Go-Go Top Tube Bag

In spite of occupying half of the top tube, the Go-Go Top Tube Bag doesn't sway (Image credit: Vedangi Kulkarni)

Design and Specifications

Wizard Works’ Go-Go Top Tube Bag is available in three sizes – small (0.8L), regular (1L) and large (1.5L) – and six different colors. The bag attaches to the bike in two places on the top tube and one under the stem using Velcro straps. The Velcro straps that attach to the top tube are considerably long. Along with the Velcro strap that goes under the stem, there’s a dog-bone spacer to go right underneath the stem bolts for more of a snug fit and extra stability. For bikes with a low stack height, there’s a horizontal daisy chain that attaches to an add-on product called DrJ0n DeWidget that goes under the top cap, providing more stability. 

Wizard Works Go-Go Top Tube Bag

The two Velcro straps that attach to the top tube are longer than necessary and you might have to tuck the extra bit back in (Image credit: Vedangi Kulkarni)

The outer material of the Go-Go is made out of the benchmark outdoor gear fabric called Cordura, and inside, the two sides have recycled HDPE inserts that give the bag a stable shape and make it easy to open and close the bag. You can also find a cable port located just above the bit where the dog-bone spacer goes. 

You can customize this bag in several different manners including a choice of 21 body colors, seven panel colors and 21 zip hood colors. You can also choose between bolt-on vs normal Velcro attachments.


The Go-Go Top Tube Bag is easy to attach to the bike and the large sized bag allows for enough space to store a phone, battery bank with a cord, a bunch of Outdoor Provisions bars and a hard case for the earbuds. The material the bag is made of is 100 percent waterproof but the seams are stitched rather than sealed, meaning that there’s a way for the water to get in if the rain is heavy.

Wizard Works Go-Go Top Tube Bag

There's 1.5L storage capacity inside the large-sized bag (Image credit: Vedangi Kulkarni)

The sides of the bag are hard and keep the shape stable. That means that there’s no swaying, and definitely no knee-rubbing. On a small-sized bike frame, the bag occupies nearly half of the top-tube, yet nothing gets in the way when you’re actually riding. 

The zipper has a paracord attached to it, making it easy to open and close on the go, even with gloves on. That being said, the paracord could easily be thicker and longer for better functionality and for operating the zipper with thicker gloves in colder temperatures. 

Wizard Works Go-Go Top Tube Bag

The Go-Go Top Tube Bag is fitted with YKK zippers and a paracord to make it easy to open and close on the go (Image credit: Vedangi Kulkarni)


The practical features along with the beautifully bright colors make the size large of the Go-Go Top Tube Bag your perfect companion for your bikepacking adventures. In terms of the remaining sizes, technically, the only difference is the fact that the small size has a slightly lower height than the regular. Capacity-wise, it’s hard to imagine that this would make much of a difference. 

The bag is very well designed and fits snugly onto the frame. Although, it sits at a high price point compared to other top tube bags on the market, the sheer extent to which you can personalize it to your needs makes it totally worth it.

Tech Specs: Wizard Works Go-Go Top Tube Bag

  • Price: $69-$84 / £57-£70
  • Capacity: 0.8L, 1L, 1.5L
  • Colors: Black Camp, Fluro Pink, Splatter, Rust, Olive
  • Materials: Cordura for the outer material, recycled HDPE inserts
  • Dimensions: (width x depth x height) Small 21x7x8cm, Regular 21x7x11cm, Large 31x7x11cm
  • Weight: Small 110g, Regular 125g, Large 170g 
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