Are the new Ergon GP1 Evo the ultimate ergonomic and eco-friendly bike grips?

Side profile view with hand of the new Ergon GP1 Evo bike grip
The two new winged-shaped Ergon GP1 grips are now updated to make hands and wrists even more comfortable (Image credit: Ergon)

Based in Koblenz, Germany, Ergon specializes in designing and developing the finest comfort-enhancing cycling products from gender-specific saddles to the best mountain bike backpacks and MTB Hip packs like the Ergon BA Hip Pack. Ergon has now updated their popular Ergon GP1 grip which they say was the world’s first winged grip designed to make hands and wrists more comfortable on the daily commute, and even the best bikepacking adventures.

The Ergon GP1 was the pioneer in the space of ergonomic wing grips, and the new GP1 Evo and GP1 Evo BioKork are now the all-new offerings, made in Germany and aimed to give an even more comfortable, ergonomic grip for cyclists. 

We had a look at the two new winged-shaped grips of the new GP1 Evo and GP1 Evo BioKork to see what could put these grips up there with the best mountain bike grips, which they claim gives optimum comfort and a complete connection between hand and grip.

Close up view of the GP1 Evo BioKork grip by Ergon

Both models are GP1 Evo are SGS-certified which means they are pollutant-free (Image credit: Ergon)

Both models are made in Germany and the LongLife rubber compounds used are SGS-certified which means its pollutant-free, medical grade, and complies with the very highest quality requirements of the German Toy and Food standards, apparently unique to the bicycle grip market. Ergon also claims there is a reduced supply chain, less freight, and a nearly waste-free production process. The GP1 Evo BioKork grips are also the brand's first Green Lab product, which means they are optimized for reduced resource use and waste in terms of production, packaging, transportation, and disposal.

The new GP1 Evo BioKork grip

GP1 Evo BioKork grips are the brand's first Green Lab product (Image credit: Ergon)

The overall look of the grips is improved along with feel, and performance. A new cold-forged aluminum, integrated clamp ensures a sleek, ergonomic, and precise grip angle adjustment. The grip is twist-proof and secured to the handlebars with a now-hidden hex bolt, making for easy adjustment.

The improved wing shape on both models gives a large contact surface, with adapted hand ergonomics to optimally distribute pressure. They add that the ulnar nerve is relieved and comfort is increased. The wing shape also supports the wrist without bending, again preventing numbness and pain.

Close up on the Ergon GP1 Evo grip

An integrated clamp ensures a sleek, ergonomic, and precise grip (Image credit: Ergon)

Pricing and availability

Both the GP1 Evo and GP1 Evo BioKork are available now and come in two sizes: Small for hand sizes 6.5-8.5 with a 92mm grip circumference and Large for hand sizes 8.5-10.5 with a 102mm grip circumference. GP1 Evo is priced at $39.95 / £36.99 / €39.95 and the Green Lab GP1 Evo BioKork is priced at $49.95 / £45.99 / €49.95.

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