Cane Creek's new eeSilk stem takes the sting out of the trail

Cane Creek EE Silk stem
(Image credit: Cane Creek)

Cane Creek has today announced an eeSilk stem which has 20mm of vibration damping and features tunable levels of compliance. The stem will sit alongside Cane Creek's eeSilk seatpost to give riders front and rear vibration damping when gravel riding.

The never nature of gravel riding means that the riders often find themselves absorbing a lot of vibration. While big tires, compliant components, and soft bar tape can take the edge off, it's still not enough for everyone especially those who are covering long distances. 

The 20mm of squish is provided by an elastomer, of which there are three included with each stem allowing riders to tune to their weight and preferred ride feel. Cane Creek says that the eeSilk elastomers are easy to swap out. A single bolt holds them in place meaning that neither the stem nor handlebars need to be removed in order to swap out the elastomers. The stem comes in three lengths, 80mm, 90mm, and 100mm options, and the firmness of the elastomers that are included are tailored to the stem lengths.

Cane Creek EE Silk stem

(Image credit: Cane Creek)

On the top of the stem, there is a switch that gives riders on-the-fly adjustment to the level of compliance on offer. Being able to simply toggle between soft and firm gives some handy adjustment when gravel turns to Tarmac and vice versa.

The eeSilk stem comes in a +6-degree rise option only and Cane Creek claims the stem weighs 225g to 235g depending on the length. The eeSilk will be available in black or a special limited edition silver for US customers only (90mm only).

Stock is expected in the middle of June and the stems will retail for $229.99 / £219.99

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