CarderTech's new TwoTwelve flat pedals

CarTech TwoTwelve flat pedals
CarderTech's pedals are available in five bright colours and black (Image credit: CarderTech)

CarderTech is a British boutique component brand which has now branched out into the flat pedal business.

Although the company’s roots date back to the early 1990s, as a precision medical equipment producer, CarderTech has transitioned into mountain bike products of late. It uses the extensive engineering expertise learned in the medical equipment trade, to produce mountain bike components of the highest technical quality.

The company’s latest product offering is a new TwoTwelve flat pedal. CarderTech has spent two years developing and prototyping its new flat pedal, finally producing a design which benefitted from extensive testing.

CarderTech channelled its legacy of subscribing to punishing medical engineering standards with the TwoTwelve. As such, the TwoTwelve pedals profited from both CAD design input and finite element analysis modelling to arrive at a structure which is strong enough to withstand the most demanding riders.

Tested to the British BS EN ISO 4210 standard, CarderTech are confident of the mechanical durability of its flat pedals.

Featuring no less than 12 pins, the TwoTwelve is an aggressive pedal with generous surface grip to interface with whichever shoe choice you make. Reinforcing the pedal’s pin grip is a fully chamfered surface area.

Fabricated from aluminium, the CarderTech TwoTwelve weighs 425g and features a platform which is 100mm long, 96mm wider and 16mm thick.

Expecting its customers to ride the TwoTwelve pedals hard, CarderTech has made them delightfully easy to service. When a rider starts detecting axle play on the TwoTwelve, they have access to a range of service kits.

CarderTech has also engineered the axle to be easily removable and serviceable. At £19.99 the TwoTwelve service kit comprises 2x12mm bushes, 2x14mm bushes, 4x11mm sealed ball bearings, 2 seals, 2 O-rings and 2 Nyloc nuts.

The TwoTwelve flat pedal retails for £94.99 and is available in six different colours.

Lance Branquinho
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