Clever new GoPro mount from Ninja

Ninja ProAdaptor mount solves GoPro mounting issues
Ninja's ProAdaptor moves a GoPro from the top, to front, of your helmet (Image credit: Ninja)

Ninja is a German industrial design company with a great new GoPro action camera mount.

Based in Munich, Ninja’s designers have been working on a new GoPro mounting solution for mountain bikers who love recording their rides.

The GoPro has changed the way we view rides. It has allowed mountain bikers to capture footage of themselves or others, and serve as value tutorials on how riding skills can be improved.

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Getting GoPro cameras to remain stable when you are riding as speed, down technical terrain, has proven a significant challenge for the mountain bike accessories industry. For those mountain bikers who prefer to ride with a helmet as opposed to chest mount, there have been issues with mounting compatibility.

Instead of attempting to design a mount which works with an array of different enduro helmets, Ninja has seen the scaling potential and superior design outcome, of specialising in a single brand’s product.

Fox is one of the most popular mountain bike apparel and safety brands and its new Proframe helmet was chosen by Ninja as their product partner. The Ninja ProAdaptor mount uses adhesive strips and cable ties to ensure a stable base on our Fox Proframe helmet.

One of the crucial ergonomic benefits of the ProAdaptor mount is that sits under the visor. Traditional GoPro helmet mounts sat atop the shell, which means that POV footage was often compromised by the presence of a visor. This was especially problematic when filming those dramatic early mornings or later afternoon scenes, where a visor is required to shield your eyes from the sun.

Ninja’s ProAdaptor is a great action cam solution for Fox Proframe helmet riders. It will work with the GoPro Hero 3-8 range, and GoPro’s Session and Session5 cameras. Garmin’s VIRB Ultra 30 and VIRB XE are compatible with the ProAdaptor mount, as are the Rollei 430, 425, 415 and 300 PLUS.

If you are using a Xiaomi Yi or DJI Osmo Action, those will work fine with the Ninja ProAdpator too. Sony’s action cameras are unfortunately incompatible.

This latest Ninja product prices at €29,90, with the kit consisting of a swivel bracket mount and adhesive system. ProAdapter Set is available from Ninja Mount online shop

Lance Branquinho
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