Leatt announce their new mountain bike kit range for 2023

Mountain biker in Leatt full fave helmet
Leatt to bring their sleekest, most stylish mountain bike range yet (Image credit: Leatt)

Leatt is based in one of the best mountain bike riding locations in the world, the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa. It's over 20 years since Dr. Christopher Leatt created The Leatt-Brace, the world-renowned and award-winning cervical spine protector.

Since then Leatt has developed a head-to-toe mountain bike and moto range that includes some of the best mountain bike helmets, protective body armor, knee guards, and elbow guards. Along with hydration systems and apparel worn and used by top athletes around the globe.

Along with patented technology in the Leatt neck brace, tested originally by BMW, Leatt's problem-solving and innovation go beyond just making their products safe, another milestone this year is the introduction of biodegradable and plastic-free packaging. Printed with soy inks across the entire 2022 range of MTB and Moto products. The brand also launches its first sustainably sourced clothing range, as Leatt embraces the challenge of reversing the effects of climate change and industrial pollution.

Leatt has promised their sleekest, most stylish range to date. With brand-new patented bad-weather gear, new mountain bike helmets and shoes, knee guards, and an exciting female clothing range and improved junior protection range. We explore some of the new products below with tests coming soon. You can view the full collection now at Leatt.

Female mountain biker on single track in new Leatt clothing

The all-new Leatt women's range has exciting new colourways (Image credit: Leatt)

HydraDri technology

For those wild and wet riding days, Leatt introduces Hydradri. Engineered by the Leatt Lab, HydraDri is their unique waterproof technology featuring a breathable membrane only to be found in their products. With three levels of waterproofing and breathability that should suit all budgets:

  • HydraDri MAX 30.000mm waterproof shell / 30.000gr Breathable
  • HydraDri EVO 20.000mm waterproof shell / 20.000gr Breathable
  • HydraDri 10.000mm waterproof shell / 10.000gr Breathable

The new Hydradri material features in their range of jackets and riding pants with ventilation and a dirt/water/stain resistant coating.

Jackets also feature the Ride Adaptive Hood (RAhD) with taller collars and four different configurations with a patent-pending magnetic hood system that keeps the hood fixed to your helmet or back. Their unique ClimbVent also lets you open the jacket completely for maximum ventilation on climbs.

The new Leatt Hydradri jacket

The new Leatt Hydradri jacket  (Image credit: Leatt)

Also launching is the new Mono Suit which is available in two levels, HydraDri MAX 5.0 and HydraDri 3.0. With a host of Leatt’s unique bad weather features, such as the magnetic Ride Adaptive Hood and Climbvent. Another interesting feature inspired by snowmobile riding is the internal suspender system, allowing the mono suit to be worn with the jacket up or around the waist.

Leatt mono suit HydraDri MAX 5.0

The mono suit HydraDri MAX 5.0 (Image credit: Leatt)

Mountain bike helmets

The new All MTN 3.0 open-face helmet weighs a claimed 375 grams and more importantly comes with a host of improved safety features. A power bridge construction is aimed to improve shell strength and load distribution and Leatt’s innovative 360° Turbine Technology has been developed to reduce forces associated with concussion. The 360° system features moving discs constructed from an energy-absorbing material. The claimed advantages are the reduction of rotational acceleration to the head and brain and the absorption of energy upon impact at what's considered to be high enough to cause a concussion.

Leatt ALL MTN 3.0 helmet

The ALL MTN 3.0 helmet (Image credit: Leatt)

With the popularity of the Gravity 1.0 full-face helmet, Leatt is introducing an improved Gravity 2.0 with more pronounced graphics, improved venting, and a more comfortable liner. The full-face helmets also benefit from the same safety features found in the All MTN range.

Leatt Gravity 2.0 in camo

Gravity 2.0 full face helmet (Image credit: Leatt)

Mountain bike footwear

Leatt entered the footwear market a few seasons back and is now releasing its second-generation shoes. With significant changes to the popular range including a new rubber compound, RideGrip PRO is claimed to be roughly 20 percent softer and tackier than the original durable RideGrip compound. Paired with their new WaffleGrip PRO sole pattern they hope to deliver incredible grip and bike feel.

The new compound and sole can be found on almost all their new flat shoes with Hydradri technology appearing in the new waterproof 7.0 shoe. There is also a new Clip PRO 4.0 shoe. 

Leatt Hydradri waterproof 7.0 shoe

New Hydradri waterproof 7.0 shoe (Image credit: Leatt)

Knee guards

Leatt is all about protection and is adding to its knee guard range with two new Airflex guards in 2023. The Airflex Ultralite is their premium super lightweight and flexible knee guard for trail and XC riding and the Airflex Hybrid PRO is a tougher knee guard aimed at enduro riders. 

Promising a minimalistic look and engineered for maximum efficiency and comfort. The extended leg sock is said to offer excellent support on the thigh and relieve pressure from the calf. 

Leatt Airflex Ultralite knee guard

Airflex Ultralite knee guard (Image credit: Leatt)

Women's mountain bike clothing

The All MTN women's range sees new products from head to toe. Include the new All MTN 2.0 Helmet featuring new colorways that match the new All MTN Women’s Jerseys and Tank Tops. 

The new clothing is aimed to be high-performance apparel exclusively tailored for women and made from Tencel, a recycled tree pulp that is said to deliver fantastic performance properties to help control body temperature.

Leatt All MTN Women’s Tank Top

All MTN Tank Top (Image credit: Leatt)

Leatt has drawn inspiration from yoga for their new All MTN 2.0 Shorts and Leatt wants to make their shorts the most comfortable shorts you can buy, optimized for riding with knee guards. 

Leatt All MTN 2.0 Shorts

All MTN 2.0 Shorts (Image credit: Leatt)

Junior range

For 2023, Junior shredders can count on a host of new protection products. Including helmets, body protectors, chest protectors and knee guards. As well as the Mono Suit to keep kids smiling while riding in the mud and grit.

Leatt junior mono suit

Junior mono suit (Image credit: Leat)

Delve further into the full collection at Leatt.com.

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