Formula announces new, lightweight dual-crown enduro fork

Formula forks
This Formula fork could appeal to hardcore enduro riders (Image credit: Formula)

Formula has been rather busy over the winter, with a bunch of new bits available from the Italian brand aimed at gravity riders from downcountry to enduro.

The exciting news from Formula, relates to its new forks. The Selva R is scheduled to be replaced with a new version called Selve MK11. This fork will give Formula a 170mm single-crown option, for enduro riding.

The really special news is Formula’s commitment to delivering a lightweight dual-crown fork to market next year. As more capable enduro bikes push the limits of long-travel single crown fork design, Formula’s engineers and product people believe there is a growing market for a lightweight dual-crown option.

Formula forks

(Image credit: Formula)

Lots of travel - and shim stacks 

Formula’s dual-crown prototype is set at 180mm of travel, which is where the stiffness benefits of a dual-crown design become obvious. Don’t expect traditional 40mm stanchions, though.

The engineering logic is to use most of the Selva parts, for this new dual-crown design. That means lightweight 35mm stanchions and the DIY adjustable CTS system

Formula offers seven different compression damping curves, with its CTS system. You simply select which one you want, swap out the valving, and feel a very real mechanical difference.

Amazingly, this new dual-crown fork also has a lockout switch, for those enduro (or e-enduro) riders who don’t want to fork bob wasting their watts during a long fire road climb.

Some might doubt be wondering how a 35mm stanchion fork can compete with the latest generation of 38mm single-crown forks from RockShox and Fox, but Formula is confident of its endeavor.

The dual-crown could mean much greater stiffness throughout the entire fork structure and at a target weight of 2,270g, it could come to market lighter, than comparable 180mm single-crown alternatives.

Although the fork is still in development, Formula expects to bring the Selva 180mm dual-crown to market early next year.

Formula forks

(Image credit: Formula)

Lots more product updates 

Riders who like the feel and performance of Formula brakes can look forward to an updated Cura 4 model. The powerful four-pot braking system benefits from a mechanical upgrade to its lever adjustment.

If you want more leverage to power that hydraulic system on your Cura 4s, the reach and bite-point adjustment now operates across a wider spectrum for better ergonomics across rider hand size and preferences.

Fancy adding Formula stopping power to your downcountry bike? The brand’s new Cura X is your answer. It features a composite lever and titanium securing bits, to keep weight low.

The Cura X has a two-piston caliper and the brake’s design uses extensive CAD software to slim its profile and reduce weight.

The new Cura 4 and Cura X brakes, along with the pricing, are expected to be available from early 2022.

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