Look Cycle releases its first off-road power meter, the brand new X-Track Power power meter pedals

Look X Track Power pedal fitted to a gravel bike
(Image credit: Look / Jeremy Bernard)

Look Cycle has launched two new power meters, the X Track Power for off-road and the Keo Blade Power for road riding. The X Track Power joins a growing list of SPD-compatible power meter pedals that are designed for gravel and mountain bike riding

The new X Track Power shares a common body design with Look's X-Track Race Carbon mountain bike pedals and features an SPD-compatible mechanism, a similar stack height (16.8mm), and a 540mm contact patch for added stability. Pedals will be available in single or dual-sided versions and are rated for cross-country, gravel, and cyclocross.

While the recycled alloy body of the Look Cycle X-Track Power Meter pedals isn't able to match the recently released Favero Assioma Pro MX SPD pedals, they aren't far off. The X-Track Power Meter is said to weigh 202g, only 10g heavier than the Favero and 8g heavier than SRM's Xpower

Look X Track Power pedal fitted to a mountain bike

Look X Track Power share similar dimensions and fit to Look's MTB pedals so they can be interchanged without affecting fit (Image credit: Look / Jeremy Bernard)

Accuracy should be as good as it gets, with Look claiming to be able to measure power output to within 1 percent "regardless of air temperature or altitude". The pedals have auto-calibration too, so fitting and setting up should be painless.

Regarding setup, the pedals are Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible so they should play nicely with all devices from GPS computers to training tools like Zwift. The pedals can analyze more than just power output too. Look Cycle's companion App offers riders services such as a complete breakdown of statistics including normalized power, intensity factor, power zones, training stress score, functional threshold power, pedaling smoothness, and torque effectiveness.

The electronic components and batteries are completely integrated within the pedal axle to eliminate the risk of water, mud, and dust infiltration and the pedals meet the requirements of IPX7 testing. The battery is also internal, giving a claimed 60 hours of riding, six months in sleep mode, or over 12 months in deep sleep mode. The battery is charged using a magnetic connector and can fully charge in around two hours.

Replacement pedal bodies will be available if they get damaged and Look will be offering an extended warranty and a graduated three-year crash replacement program for registered products. 

Look X Track Power pedal being ridden up a gravel track

Adding power stats are a great way to pace long off-road climbs (Image credit: Look / Jeremy Bernard)

The new pedals are completely manufactured in France and Look Cycle says it works with local suppliers when possible to limit the mileage of components and ensure the highest possible production standards. 

The single-sided X Track Power will be priced at $759 / €749 / £674.99 and the dual-sided X Track Power will be priced at $1099 / €1099 / £999.99. 

For full specs and details, head over to Lookcycle.com.

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