Peaty's HoldFast Trail Tool Wrap – quick-fitting essentials storage option for going flat out

Peaty's Holdfast Tool Wrap flatshot
Peaty's deserves some credit for the plastic-free packaging (Image credit: Peaty's)

Peaty's has just launched the HoldFast Trail Tool Wrap, its solution to carrying your ride essentials like tools, keys, tire levers, and CO2 inflators, especially if you prefer to avoid wearing a hip pack or a mountain bike backpack. The eagle-eyed of you might have spotted this on Steve Peat's bike at the latest Ard Rock enduro event, and it's been tested with feedback from a wide range of riders globally. 

Steve and the guys at Peaty's have been expanding and evolving their lube, cleaner and tubeless range, as you can see in our handy guide, and this is the latest addition to it, making use of the accumulated knowledge of years of racing and riding the gnarliest races and trails.

Peaty's Holdfast Tool Wrap and water bottle attached to bike frame

The long strap means you can easily carry an inner tube too (Image credit: Peaty's)

Wrap it, don't strap it, apparently

The HoldFast Trail Tool Wrap looks similar to other tool and tube wraps on the market, but the big difference is how it uses a two-step process to mount to the frame. With its soft rubberized backing, the main strap wraps tightly and securely around the frame tube before you wrap the rest of the velcro-covered section around the tool bag. The strap also features a neat reflective logo, just to add visibility for those who occasionally eke out just a bit too much daylight on a golden-hour evening ride.

Close up of reflective strap of Peaty's Holdfast Tool Wrap

The reflective detailing is a neat touch (Image credit: Peaty's)

This simple but clever idea means you don't need to remove it completely each time you use it, so it stays tight. Therefore no rattling, coming loose, or damage to your frame if you've put it back badly when in a rush. Peaty's says it's designed to be fitted in seconds, then go full send, and as the main man can send better than the rest of us, who are we to argue?

Inside of Peaty's Holdfast Tool Wrap on bike frame

The storage section is designed to be big enough to just fit the essentials (Image credit: Peaty's)

The tool section is a pouch made from a waterproof material with welded seams, which is just big enough to fit a full-length trail inflator tool and gas canister, as well as a multi-tool, tire levers, etc. It also has a neat little zipped compartment, which looks perfect for storing a key, credit card, chain links, or any other small valuable item. The team at Peaty's had tested many different pouch sizes and found this to be the ideal blend of storage capabilities and frame fitting options.

Open Peaty's Holdfast Tool Wrap on bike frame

Being able to hang the wrap whilst working on your bike should make dropped parts a thing of the past (Image credit: Peaty's)

The secure wrap section also means you can handily hang the pouch while working on your bike. I'm sure we've all had that moment of panic when we've dropped an Allen key or part whilst fiddling next to the trail, so this looks like a great feature.

It comes in three subtle colors – Nightrider Black, Slate Gray, and Moss Green – to fit nicely with whatever bike you ride.

We have a set on test, so keep an eye out for our upcoming review. 

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Peaty's Holdfast Tool Wrap attached to bike frame

The HoldFast Trail Tool Wrap comes in a range of three subtle colors (Image credit: Peaty's)

Peaty's HoldFast Trail Tool Wrap specs and pricing

  • Weight: 87g 
  • Colors: Nightrider Black, Slate Gray, Moss Green
  • Size: Adjustable, one size fits all strap
  • Price: $44.99 / £34.99 / €39.99
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