PNW's Rainer dropper post fits any rider

PNW's Rainer dropper post fits any rider
(Image credit: PNW)

PNW components are a small Seattle component company which has just announced one of the cleverest dropper seatposts yet.

The brand’s third-generation Rainer dropper post provides a sizing solution to the reality of diverse mountain bike riding physiologies.

Considering the huge spread of body heights and frame sizes, it is remarkable that dropper seatposts are still produced in regimented lengths: 125-, 150-, 170- and 200mm. Fit specialists often make minute adjustments to cure a nagging injury or achieve perfect descending balance for a rider, yet there appear to be too many millimetres between the different dropper seatpost stroke sizes.

To solve this issue, PNW has added an ingenious feature to its Rainer dropper post range: a tool-free travel-adjust system. This allows for 30mm of downwards travel adjustment in 5mm increments.

How does it work? You lower the dropper to your ideal height and then unthread the midcap. A white DU bushing is then slid to the corresponding negative number notch and aligned. Slide the DU bushing down, hand tighten, and you are ready to go.

What is the point of it all? Well, 5mm adjustments give you a much better opportunity to find the perfect dropper seatpost height for your body fit and frame. You simply buy a Rainer which is longer than anticipated, and then adjust it down, in 5mm steps to find the exact size which matches your requirements.

Best of all, there is no compromise of PNW’s sealed air-cartridge design with the latest Rainer. This means that you gain all the adjustability and sacrifice none of the dropper seatpost’s reliability.

Despite huge progression in terms of mountain bike frame geometry and the introduction of long-travel dropper seatposts, many riders still find the set sizes less than ideal for their leg measurements.

With the Rainer, you can have your dream bike and ride it with a dropper seatpost that works perfectly, without compromising your pedal stroke or how low you want to go when positioning for a technical descent.

PNW is marketing the adjustable Rainer in 30.9- and 31.6mm diameters, across a stroke spread of 125-, 150-, 170- and 200mm. Pricing is $179.00

Lance Branquinho
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