Avoid trailside punctures with Ryder's new Slyder system

Ryder Slyder CO2
The Slyder bolts neatly onto your bike's downtube and can hold multiple canisters or tyre plugs (Image credit: Ryder Innovation)

Following in the tracks of Ryder Innovation's nifty Nut Cracker tool is the company's new Slyder downtube storage system.

As the name suggests, the Slyder allows riders to efficiently store and slide their CO2 canisters and tyre plugs into a safer and more convenient storage system, instead of your pocket.

What makes the Ryder Slyder particularly clever, is the way its CO2 sleeves are designed. Once you place a CO2 canister in the Slyder’s sleeves, they expand, which make them lock securely into place with a clip-and-hook design. This reduces the possibility of rattling when riding off-road.

Ryder Slyder CO2

With the Slyder system you can choose to store two canisters or substitute one for Ryder's award-winning Slug Plug repair tool  (Image credit: Ryder Innovation)

For any mountain biker who has ever suffered finger freeze burn while frantically trying to use a CO2 canister, the Slyder’s plastic sleeve design will be especially notable.

You can choose to configure your Slyder with two CO2 canisters or swap out one for a Slug Plug, which is Ryder’s preconfigured puncture repair prod tool. Unlike conventional plugs, the Slug has a metal prod which machined at an appropriate length to not damage your rim tape, even if you plunge it into your tyre with force.

The Ryder Slyder has been ergonomically designed to mount behind a water bottle cage, on the down tube.

Lance Branquinho
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